Kim Dong-seong, working hard as a construction worker… “I put everything down”

Former short track national team member Kim Dong-seong headed to the construction site.안전놀이터

On the 14th, Kim Dong-seong’s wife, Min-min Jeong, posted a video on Instagram of her husband, Kim Dong-seong, working at a construction site, and cheered, “Let’s put everything down and live hard in accordance with reality.”

She continued, “It took a very long time to put it down, but I am grateful that I can put it down at this moment,” she wrote, “even if it is difficult for me, I will cheer harder.”

Along with this, he left a message of support, saying, “Fighting for construction workers.”

In the video, Kim Dong-seong melts into the scene, carrying materials, mixing cement with a shovel, and then applying it to the wall.

In May 2021, Kim Dong-seong registered his marriage with Min-jung and remarried.

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