Ji-hyeon Ryu, former LG manager, turned into a commentator…’Jamsil Rival’ Kim Tae-hyung, former Doosan manager

 Former LG Twins manager Ryu Ji-hyun (52) takes the microphone.

Former coach Ryu will be active as a KBSN sports commentator this season. Former coach Ryu visited the broadcasting company on the 18th and completed his contract.

Last year, when the manager’s contract with his team, LG, was canceled, he received a lot of attention from broadcasters. KBSN Sports, which has been sending love calls since right after he gave up his managerial position, succeeded in recruiting Dae-eo.온라인카지노

As former Doosan coach Kim Tae-hyung, who was the head of Jamsil’s rival team until last year, will debut as a commentator at SBS Sports this season, great interest is also gathered in the off-the-court talk showdown with former coach Ryu Ji-hyun.

Former manager Ryu Ji-hyun, who reigned as the best shortstop during his active career, was a franchise star player representing LG. He went through Chungam High School and Hanyang University, and in 1994, in his first year with LG, won the Rookie of the Year and led the team to the Korean Series championship. It was LG’s second and last Korean Series victory.

Former manager Ryu, who retired from active duty at the end of 2004 after playing 11 seasons at LG, has always been a coach at LG except for Seattle training coach. He went through LG coach without taking a break for a single season, and took over the command tower from 2021 as the successor to manager Ryu Joong-il.

Former coach Ryu led the team to fall baseball by fighting for first place in the regular season for two consecutive years. He recorded 159 wins, 16 draws and 113 losses over the past two years, with a high win rate of 5/8. It was by far the highest winning rate among the many command towers that went through LG from MBC, which was called the ‘director’s grave’. Last season, his leadership was recognized by setting a new club record for the most wins in the regular season with 87 wins, 2 draws and 55 losses.

However, the team’s excessive pressure to win the postseason was not finally solved. Players who were intimidated by the excessive pressure on the fall baseball stage were unable to demonstrate their skills and fell victim to upsets for two consecutive years. After announcing the victory in the Korean Series, the LG club once again replaced the command tower and raised the number of victories.

Former manager Ryu boasts a wide view and in-depth knowledge of baseball enough to serve as LG and national team leader without a break for a moment. With his field-oriented experience and calm and coherent explanatory power, he is raising expectations for the birth of his best commentator.

Former director Ryu Ji-hyun said on the 17th, “I received an offer in early November, made a final decision in December, and signed a contract today. It is my first time commentating, so I think there will be many things to prepare in the future.” It shined.

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