Jeong Jo-guk X Choi Hyo-jin X Ha Dae-seong, who met again from players to leaders, ‘Jeju Coaches’

“Who was the assistant at that time?”, “Why can’t I remember that?”, “Enough…”

Since the three ‘Chinchin’ gathered, there was no gap in ‘talk’. This is the story of Jeju United ‘Star Coaches’, Jeong Jo-guk (39), Choi Hyo-jin (40), and Ha Dae-seong (38), who met as players and walked together as leaders.

The relationship between the three goes back over 10 years. The three ate a pot of rice at FC Seoul during their active years. At the time, the three led FC Seoul’s ‘Renaissance’. In 2010 and 2012, he won the K-League Cup in a row. The highlight was 2012. Coach Jeong scored the winning goal, Coach Ha scored the captain, and Coach Choi finished the victory with the salty water defense. The three, who shared joy at the top during their active career, are living their ‘second soccer life’ as leaders in Jeju after retirement.

The start in Jeju was Coach Jung. He announced his retirement from active play after contributing to Jeju’s promotion to the K League 1 in 2020. Upon his retirement, he joined Jeju as an offensive coach. Coach Choi and Coach Ha made their nest in Jeju ahead of the 2023 season. The three reunited are creating synergy. Director Nam Ki-il expressed satisfaction, saying, “We are sharing our thoughts through meetings with coaches. Although we are coaches, we are learning together.”

Coach Jung said, “I became the head coach. Basically, I have a lot of responsibility. The coach trusts me a lot. I feel that trust. I want to do better. I am still learning and running toward my goal. With two new coaches, There are things I learn while doing it. Coach Choi has been like a ‘neighborhood brother’, but working together is very delicate. It is true that it stimulates me while watching. Coach Ha asks a lot of questions. I also think together. I’m having fun.” He laughed.

Coach Choi, who was next to him, looked awkward at the praise that poured out in front of him. He said, “I’m not on the detailed side, but when I became a coach, I felt that it was completely different from when I was a player. It was decisive. Of course, you have to distinguish between public and private life. Honorific is the most difficult. The words ‘teacher’ and ‘teacher’ don’t stick well,” he scratched his head.

Coach Ha said, “Honestly, I’m not as comfortable as when I was a player (laughs). In fact, I was wrong to treat myself comfortably. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be able to work with seniors who made good careers as players and as coaches again. I hope there will be three people who go out.”

The three people who met again are having a more intense day by day than when they were active. Coach Jung said, “The coach gives the coaches clear roles. There is a very wide range of things that can be done autonomously. For example, coach Ha and I can not only design offensive tactics, but also organize training programs. What to do It’s a lot,” he explained. Coach Ha also said, “I had a conversation with coach Nam for the first time when I was a commentator in the past. His charisma was really the strongest. The locker room force was very strong. He is witty with his words. He is obviously charismatic, but it feels like he is trying to fit in well with the coaching staff.

In fact, the relationship between the three can be a bit nuanced. Coach Jung made his professional debut the fastest. However, Coach Choi is the oldest. It can be awkward, but the three of them are walking separately and together. We are moving towards growth by relying on each other. 메이저놀이터

Coach Jeong said, “They are seniors and juniors that I like. I really like working together. They help me a lot when I’m having a hard time. I can share joy when I’m happy. There are always some uncomfortable parts, so I can stay. But personally, I got to work together. I felt good. Half-jokingly, half-seriously, he said, “Did you think we would be able to become leaders like this when we met when we were players?” I feel like we can grow together well. Each of us has a dream. But being together in the same position is strength. Personally, It’s a will. I hope the season ends with a smile. It motivates me to work harder. I hope I can help the coach’s direction and goals and the growth of the players.”

Coach Choi also said, “It feels good to hear that the atmosphere has improved even a little after we came. I hope we can contribute to the development of the team while learning together.” Coach Jeong also said, “I don’t think I have anything more to wish for if the energy of the past that won the championship leads to good energy for the team and juniors.”

The three, who were cheerful and serious throughout the interview, went back to work for tomorrow. Coach Choi said, “I have a meeting tomorrow morning. I think I should go to sleep after watching one more practice game.” Coaches Jung and Ha, who are in charge of the offensive part, also hurried their steps, saying, “There are things that have not been finished yet.”

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