Jang Woo-jin and Jeon Jeon-hee win WTT Table Tennis Mixed Doubles silver…Shin Yoo-bin goes for double

The 17th-ranked Chinese pair of Zhang Wujin and Zhen Zhenhui won the silver medal in the World Table Tennis (WTT) Lagos Mixed Doubles final after losing to the Chinese rookies.

The Chinese pair of Zhang Wujin and Jeon Jeon-hee lost 3-1 to Xiang Feng and Liu Weishan in the mixed doubles final on the sixth day of the tournament in Lagos, Nigeria, on Sunday.

Zhang Wujin and Jeon Jeon-hee had reached the final after winning a “house fight” against Lim Jong-hoon and Shin Yubin 3-2 in the semifinals the previous day.메이저놀이터

China, the ‘world’s strongest’ nation, fielded a number of young and second-tier players in the tournament.

Many of China’s doubles pairs were made up of players who have not played together consistently on the international stage.

South Korea had a finalist in every event except men’s singles.

Shin Yubin made it to the finals in both the women’s singles and women’s doubles, making her a double winner.

Shin defeated Kim Na-young 3-1 in the women’s singles semifinals earlier in the day to reach the final, where she will take on China’s up-and-comer Li Yaker for gold.

In the Women’s Doubles, where she was paired with Jeon Jeon-hee, she defeated the Chinese pair of Chuang Xiaotong-Yang Yun 3-1 in the semifinals to advance to the final.

They will face China’s Liu Weishan-Pan Tzuqi (ranked 56th) for the title.

Shin Yubin and Jeon Jeon-hee have been on a roll, winning a combined silver medal at the World Table Tennis Championships in Durban, South Africa, last month.

On the men’s side, Jang Woo-jin will be looking to win a double by reaching the finals in both mixed doubles and men’s doubles.

Jang Woo-jin is paired with Lim Jong-hoon in the men’s doubles final, where they will face the pair of Xiang Feng-Yuan Lichuan.

Both finals will be played today.

Among South Korean players, the pair of Shin Yubin-Jeon Ji-hee will be the first to compete in the final at 10 p.m. local time tonight.

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