It’s still amazing to be part of ‘Chelsea’… Completely out in 5 and a half years

Thiemue Bakayoko (28) seems to be completely separated from Chelsea (England). Reports came out that he, who had only been on loan except for the first season after joining, could terminate his lease contract with AC Milan (Italy) and leave Chelsea.

The British media’Daily Mail’ said on the 26th (Korean time), “Bakayoko recently received a love call from Adana Demirspor (Turkiye) and is considering a transfer.” ‘s nightmare will end now.”

Bakayoko, who joined Chelsea in the summer of 2017, has been highly anticipated as the right person to take charge of midfield in the future. In particular, when he recalled his performances, such as playing as a midfielder representing Ligue 1 in France, it was to the point of claiming that the transfer fee of 40 million euros (approximately 54 billion won) was not a waste. 카지노

However, Bakayoko could not adapt to the stage of the English Premier League (EPL), where fast tempo and rough physical fights are rampant. In particular, he exposed his insecurities, such as committing frequent misses while shaking under strong pressure. In addition, he often showed his lack of judgment, and his ability to participate in defense, which is important in modern football, has also declined. Eventually, as time passed, he was classified as out of power, and he left on loan to AC Milan, Napoli (Italy), and AS Monaco (France).

He is also on loan this season. Bakayoko signed a two-year loan deal with AC Milan in the summer of 2021. However, due to his long-term injury, he was away for a long time, and he was thoroughly neglected in the continuing career decline. In fact, while he played 18 official games last season, his average playing time was only 33.7 minutes, but he has not played a single game this season.

In response, Yoko Baka is in the mood for a complete transfer to Adana Demirspor after terminating his rental contract. It is expected that he will terminate his contract and leave, as he has already been excluded from the plan for a long time and it is difficult to receive the transfer fee.

If Yoko Baka accepts Adana Demirspor’s offer during the transfer window this winter, he will part with Chelsea after about five and a half years. He played 43 matches for Chelsea. His offensive points posted 3 goals and 3 assists.

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