‘It’s a waste! ‘Quadruple Double’ Lee Soo-hyun’s faded report card

Lee Soo-hyun (174cm, G, F) delayed the opportunity to make a quadruple double.

Sunil Women’s Middle School defeated Daejeon Wolpyeong Middle School 86-51 on the final day of the women’s mid-level preliminaries for the 48th Association Long-term National Men’s and Women’s Middle School Basketball Championship, which continued at the National Sports Center in Yeonggwang Sportium, Jeollanam-do on the 9th. Seonil Girls’ Middle School, which boasted superior power, consistently maintained a large lead and won a major victory.

The eldest sisters Lee Soo-bin and Lee Soo-hyun combined for 58 points, more than the opponent team, and finished the preliminary match with 2 wins and 1 loss. However, they failed to advance to the finals by recording the lowest score in the difference between the points.

Lee Soo-hyun played 35 minutes (8 seconds) that day and posted 30 points, 15 rebounds, 10 assists and 9 steals. The triple-double was achieved lightly, but one steal was not enough to reach the record of a quadruple-double.

Responding to an interview after the game, he said, “I worked with the mindset that the team members could do it together as one. It was good to win the game,” he said, expressing his feeling of victory.

Despite Lee Soo-hyeon’s great performance, Sunil Girls’ Middle School could not avoid being eliminated from the preliminaries due to the poor at-bat rate. Because of this, Lee Soo-hyun’s report card also faded.

“I feel very sorry. Based on this competition, I think I need to prepare harder. Looking back at this tournament, he regrets missing the quadruple-double, saying, “I regret that I missed the quadruple double. However, thanks to the help of his teammates, he was able to achieve the record of a triple double, so I will take that as comfort. It is more regrettable that the team did not make it to the finals,” he added. 스포츠토토

When asked about his strengths and weaknesses to Lee Soo-hyun, he said, “I think the ability to develop quick attacks is an advantage. However, foul management is immature.”

Lee Soo-hyun is a member of the re-creation group of Seonil Elementary School in 2018. Until then, he had no ties to basketball, so he decided to become a basketball player at the recommendation of his family.

“He started playing basketball when he entered as a member of the re-founding of Sunil Elementary School in 2018. I like to run, so I caught a basketball at the recommendation of my family. At first, I did it after school, but I got interested and came all the way here.” These are the words of Soohyun Lee.

Taking senior Shin Ji-hyeon (Bucheon Hanawon Q) as a role model, he said, “I want to be like him because he has excellent skills in both offense and defense and his problem-solving skills are cool. I ended the interview with the words, “I want to become the head of both offense and defense (like Shin Ji-hyun).”

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