It was worth investing ‘119.4 billion’! Yoshida hits 15G in a row… 0.167→0.315 ‘Runaway’

 It is not that the specimens are ample. However, considering only the performance at the beginning of the season, the super-large contract of 90 million dollars (approximately 119.4 billion won) seems to be worth it. Masataka Yoshida (Boston Red Sox) showed a 15-game hitting streak.

On the 6th (hereinafter Korean time), Yoshida started as a left fielder and second batter in an away match against the 2023 Major League Philadelphia Phillies held at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and recorded 1 hit, 1 run, and 1 ball in 4 at-bats. The batting average for the season fell slightly from 0.317 to 0.315.

Prior to this season, Yoshida signed a 5-year, 90 million dollar contract with Boston and entered the big leagues. At the time, Boston was criticized by fans as ‘overpaying’ for giving Yoshida too much money to show nothing. However, when Yoshida swung the fire bat at the World Baseball Classic (WBC), this reaction completely disappeared.

This trend did not last long. Yoshida struggled with his batting average dropping to 0.167 in mid-April due to injuries and sluggishness, and the story of ‘overpay’ began to rise again. However, from that point on, Yoshida was fully resurrected. After recording the lowest batting average of the season, Yoshida is on a 15-game hitting streak, starting with the Minnesota Twins on the 21st of last month.

Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs), who stepped onto the major league stage a year earlier than Yoshida last year, also showed outstanding performance in the early season. However, at the time, Suzuki’s hot hitting feeling in the beginning cooled down before the end of April. On the other hand, Yoshida is improving his performance as he raises his feelings, which is more impressive than Suzuki. What is clear is that 90 million dollars is not a waste at all if you look at the current situation.메이저사이트

Yoshida’s performance also shone in today’s match. In the first at-bat of the first inning, Yoshida only grounded the first baseman, but at the end of the second inning, with a narrow lead of 1-0, Yoshida pulled a fast 95.7 mph ball from Philadelphia “ace” Jack Wheeler on the second pitch and hit the right field. It hit. 15 game hitting streak.

In the safe first and third base chances created by Yoshida’s hit, Boston widened the gap with Justin Turner scoring a run. Yoshida, who settled on third base through Turner and Jaren Duran’s ground balls, succeeded in scoring by stepping home on Kike Hernandez’s timely hit.

Yoshida, who performed impressively in his second at-bat, failed to create an extra hit. Yoshida retired with a grounder to third base in the third at bat in the fifth inning and a grounder to the shortstop in the fourth at bat in the seventh inning. However, in the fifth at-bat at the end of the 8th inning, he went to base with a ball that hit his body without a runner on the second runner, and played a multi-on-base game, contributing to the team’s 5-3 victory.

On this day, Boston starter Chris Sale had a mighty fight, striking out as many as 10 in 6 innings, recording a quality start (6 innings, 3 earned or less) with 7 hits, 1 walk, 3 runs (3 earned runs), and his 3rd win of the season. put in

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