Including transgender people… Changed definition of ‘woman’ in Cambridge Dictionary

The Times reported on the 13th (local time) that the Cambridge Dictionary, published by Cambridge University Press, UK, has allowed transgender people to be included in the definition of the word ‘woman’, meaning an adult woman.

According to reports, the Cambridge Dictionary added “female adult human being” as the first meaning of “woman” last October. Then, for the second meaning, an explanation was added, “It may have been known that it had a different surname at birth, but an adult who lives by saying that he is a woman.” The Cambridge Dictionary also added an explanation to the definition of ‘man’, which means an adult male, along with “a male adult human being” and “an adult who may have been known at birth as having a different sex, but who lives by calling himself a man.” The Cambridge University Press said that lexicographers decided after carefully examining the usage of words in actual use, adding that the new definition is also something English learners should know. 메이저사이트

The American Merriam-Webster Dictionary also added an explanation of “having the opposite gender identity to that of a man” as an auxiliary definition of the word “female” this year.

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