Incheon UTD saved by defenders who ‘throw themselves to block and even equalize’

The 0-5 defeat in Gwangju on March 18th was not as easy as it seemed. Fortunately, the dedicated defenders (Delbridge-Kwon Han-jin-Kim Dong-min) rescued Incheon United from the mire of defeat. Delbridge again prevented the risk of conceding a dizzying extra point with a goal line cover play behind the goalkeeper, and Kim Dong-min ran all over the place where the ball went. And veteran defender Kwon-Jin Kwon boasted of his multi-playing skills by volleying the equalizer at 80 minutes and 11 seconds.

Incheon United FC, led by coach Cho Seong-hwan, drew 1-1 thanks to a dramatic equalizer by defender Kwon Jin-jin in a home game against 2023 K League 1 Gwangju FC at the Incheon Soccer Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 20th (Sat).

The Value of Defenders Who Can Score Goals

Again, Gwangju FC overwhelmed the players of Incheon United FC with their teamwork. The Gwangju FC players, who proved the true nature of their organizational power by scoring 5 goals against Incheon United on March 18, came to know that the players of Incheon United burned their will to avenge this time and showed a very calm defense. . 

The defenders of Gwangju FC, who are well aware of the skills of Incheon United FC’s counterattack, focused on isolating him. It is also well understood and responded to the fact that Incheon United FC recently used a 3-5-2 formation and changed it to a 4-2-4 formation when it went more aggressive.

Gwangju FC scored first with a set-piece from a right corner kick 7 minutes and 56 seconds after the start of the game, so the game flow seemed to be going according to the design of away team Gwangju FC head coach Lee Jung-hyo. Smart multi-player Doo Hyun-seok escaped from hiding behind an Incheon United defender and attempted a right-footed volley, and Gwangju FC captain Ahn Young-gyu shot a right-footed shot from the second ball right in front of the goal.

The Incheon United players, who were shocked by the five goals scored two months ago, came out with only their hearts filled with remorse, but were still one step below Gwangju FC in terms of organizational power. At least Zerso showed off his fast dribbling skills and made two decisive shots (11th and 66th minutes), but Gwangju FC goalkeeper Kim Kyung-min’s super save blocked it. There was no choice but to confirm that solo play, which is highly likely to be isolated, has its limits.

It was defenders, not midfielders or strikers, who saved Incheon United FC from shaking in front of 6,663 home fans. In particular, Delbridge prevented a dizzying extra point crisis right in front of the goal line in the 26th minute. Gwangju FC’s Jung Ji-hoon’s right-footed push shot was at the right timing, but Delbridge ran behind goalkeeper Lee Tae-hee and made a perfect cover play. 메이저사이트

Even just before the end of the home game against Jeonbuk Hyundai (May 14), Delbridge showed his ability to defend the theater by strikingly avoiding the risk of conceding the final goal in the theater. . Delbridge’s performance did not change in the second half. He devoted himself to fighting the high ball until the valuable equalizer was scored, and made several sliding tackles to block Gwangju FC’s decisive counterattack opportunity.

At 80 minutes and 11 seconds, Incheon United FC’s theater equalizer broke out. Delbridge, who soared toward Jung Dong-yoon’s turning cross, overcame a physical struggle with Gwangju FC substitute Lee Kun-hee, and the ball was overturned. It was a great scene to confirm the decisiveness of Kwon Jin-jin, who was also active as a striker in college.

In the remaining time, Incheon United tried to come from behind in a high ball battle using the tall heights of super sub Kim Dae-jung and defender Delbridge, but Gwangju FC centre-back Timo brought from the Netherlands was blocked by the wall. In the 89th minute, Delbridge, who received a right corner kick from Shin Jin-ho, fired a decisive header, but the moment when goalkeeper Kim Kyung-min flew up to his right and kicked the ball away was the most regrettable moment.  

Incheon United, who is in 10th place, played a home game against K-League 2 Gyeongnam FC on the afternoon of the 24th (Wednesday) in the FA (Football Association) Cup round of 16, and then on the 27th (Sat) at 7:00 PM, DGB Daegu to meet 6th place Daegu FC. Entering Bank Park, 7th place Gwangju FC also plays an FA Cup away game against Seoul E-Land FC in the K League 2, and then visits Castle Park to meet 8th place Suwon FC at 6:00 pm on the 28th.

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