“I’m still heart pounding until the starting lineup comes out” Lee Do-yoon, who became the main shortstop in his 9th year, his season is divided around May 20th.

Even though he has been playing as the starting shortstop for three months, he said, “My heart is still pounding until I get the starting lineup.” He seems to have times when he forgets that he is a main player.

The 2023 season of Hanwha Eagles infielder Lee Do-yoon (27) is divided into before and after May 20th. He started the season in the Future Team (2nd team) and came up to the 1st team on May 20th, the 50th day of the opening. In his ninth year as a pro, he opened with the second team, but he was not disappointed or frustrated. He said it was rather helpful.

“Last year while I was in the first team, I didn’t play often. Even if I started in the first team, I wouldn’t have had many opportunities to play. I was in good condition, but I started in the second team. I wanted to try again in the best condition. I was able to come prepared.”

His steady appearances are more important than joining the first team. The 1st team players entered the vacancy and seized the opportunity.

A player with a high defensive contribution has upgraded his attacking ability. This is why you will see Lee Do-yoon again this season.

On the 12th and 13th, against the Doosan Bears, he had three hits for two days in a row. In the game on the 12th, he hit a timely double at the bottom of the 7th inning when he was chased 2-1, and hit a timely hit with 1 RBI at the bottom of the 8th inning with 2 out and 1st and 2nd base leading 5-1.

“Even when he’s out of the plate, he visualizes what he’s going to do depending on the situation. Now it’s just a stroke or two.

I don’t miss the ball, so I look at the whole game and set the goal.”

He said that he tries to put up with balls that are difficult to hit. “I didn’t consciously try to hit the breaking ball, but even when the timing is taken away, a well-hit ball comes out.” As he

continued his good performance as a key player, a change occurred. A cheering song appeared. More fans recognized him.

Still, stable defense is the biggest advantage. Depending on the situation, he plays not only as a shortstop, but also as a second baseman.

He said, “I practice so much . There is nothing difficult to do a lot. Last season he struggled a bit not knowing where he was going. It was because I usually went out (as a major defense) when it was important. He tried not to be nervous. I overcame it through practice.”

Lee Do-yoon expressed his gratitude to the two seniors. They are the same infielder Oh Seon-jin (34) and catcher Choi Jae-hoon (34)

. I listen to and synthesize opinions and choose a method that works for me. Jaehoon hyung usually tells me good things and takes good care of me.”

Lee Do-yoon played in 59 games this season and recorded a batting average of .28 (45 hits in 161 at-bats), 8 RBIs and 18 points.메이저놀이터

He said, “I don’t get hot. There’s nothing difficult or anything like that,” although he thinks he needs to take care of his physical strength in the middle of the summer as the number of games he participates in increases.

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