On the 5th, Wonju DB said, “Coach Lee Sang-beom (54) conveyed to the club his intention to voluntarily resign due to responsibility for the poor performance of the team and personal health reasons. The club has decided to accept the resignation of manager Lee.”

DB is still in ninth place with 11 wins and 18 losses. On the 4th, in an away game against SK at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium, they lost 63-97. In the end, the next day, coach Lee left the team, saying, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t live up to the expectations of the fans and the club.”

It was force majeure. DB suffered from a series of injuries to key players right after the opening. Major domestic players such as Doo Kyung-min, Park Chan-hee, and Kang Sang-jae took turns leaving the line due to injuries, and in the midst of this, foreign player Dewan Hernandez was also injured.

It was a poor performance accompanied by bad news of injury, but Lee decided to take ‘responsibility’. Along with coach Lee, coach Seong-cheol Kim also leaves the team. Coach Kim conveyed his intention to the club, saying, “As the head coach, I will take responsibility for failing to properly assist the coach and resign together.”

Coach Lee brought out several painful words in the SK game on the 4th, the day before he announced his intention to resign. As if he had made up his mind, he poured out his personal opinions and expressed the difficulties of the field. He said, “I want commentators to comment with responsibility for their words. He pointed out that he does not know the circumstances of the field well, but speaks only based on his own thoughts.”

Continuing the story, director Lee praised Lee Kyu-seop (46), commentator for Spotify. Director Lee asked Lee, who came in for a locker room interview before the game, to “leave for a moment,” and then told the reporters, “Commissioner Lee Kyu-seop is the only commentator who enters the locker room interview.” “Commissioner Lee makes a comment after figuring out the team’s situation in advance through locker room interviews. Of course, I have no choice but to give an in-depth comment. However, among other commentators, I have not seen such people.” 메이저사이트

Director Lee said, “When playing janggi, the trainer does not take responsibility. However, those who play long-term play with a sense of responsibility. Even if there is an admonition, I want you to know like this member.”

Finally, Director Lee said, “This is my personal opinion. Today (the 4th), many (reporters) came here to tell us. By the way, I will not be a commentator. That’s why I can talk freely like this.”

DB runs the team with coach Kim Joo-sung as acting manager from the away game against Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan on the 7th.