A scout who worked for Everton in the past mentioned Kim Min-jae and Hvica Kvarachhelia (above Napoli).

Kim Min-jae and Kvarazhelia wore Napoli kits this season. Kim Min-jae recorded a transfer fee of 19.5 million euros (approximately 27 billion won), and Kvarazhelia’s transfer fee was 10 million euros (approximately 14 billion won). Napoli highly evaluated the potential of the two players and completed the recruitment quickly.

The effect is perfect. Kim Min-jae and Napoli have established themselves as the core of defense and attack, respectively. Kim Min-jae formed the central defense along with Amir Rahmani. After Rahmani was injured, he worked with other players. Kvarachhelia led the flank attack, scoring six goals and providing five assists in the league.

Before moving to Naples, Kim Min-jae received attention from many teams in the transfer market. Representative teams are Tottenham and Everton. The two teams were constantly linked with Kim Min-jae. However, he was not sure about the recruitment, and Napoli did not miss the opportunity.

The former Everton scout expressed regret at missing Kim Min-jae. According to the Liverpool Echo on the 17th (Korean time), Carlo Jacomucci said, “We wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae four years ago. However, there were problems during the transfer process. Kvarachhelia is in the same situation,” he explained.

Kim Min-jae played for Jeonbuk until 2018 and then played for three years in Beijing. He moved to Fenerbahce in the 2021-22 season and entered the European stage, and moved back to Napoli this season. Four years ago, as the scouter mentioned, is expected to be when he moved to Beijing due to timing. 메이저놀이터

Kim Min-jae is receiving attention from other teams six months after his transfer to Naples. He has made appearances at Manchester United, Tottenham and, more recently, Real Madrid. Napoli is pushing for a new contract that will remove Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause, which is known to be worth 50 million euros (about 70 billion won).