“I can’t go in”… Baseball team’s first ‘complete’ training under tight security (comprehensive)

“You can enter from 4:25 pm. No one can enter before then.”

On the 2nd, the underground parking lot of Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, where the Korean baseball team led by coach Lee Kang-cheol held the first ‘complete’ training, was crowded with reporters who could not enter the baseball field.

As security guards controlled all passages into the baseball field, the reporters who arrived in advance had no choice but to wait until 4:25 p.m., the training time announced by the national team.

The national team, which is leaving for Japan, where the World Baseball Classic (WBC) 1st round will be held two days later, conducted operational training until the end under the direction of coach Kim Min-ho (LG Twins) 3rd base operation.

An official from the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) explained, “This is training from the Tucson camp. We checked both our bunt offense and defense in preparation for an extra game.”

In this tournament, if a winner is not decided in regular innings (9 innings), a match-up will be held from the beginning of the 10th inning to attack from second base.

As the player’s ability to perform operations depended on victory or defeat, Lee Kang-cheol worked hard on the training from the Tucson camp.

At this time, he asked for cooperation from reporters and fans not to film the operation to prevent exposure of the operation to the outside world.

The headquarters of the baseball team, which had completed training in Tucson, Arizona, USA, arrived in Korea only in the afternoon of the 1st after a lot of hard work as the plane they were scheduled to board broke down.

Immediately, they moved to their lodgings in Sangam-dong,온라인바카라 Mapo-gu, Seoul, unpacked their luggage, took a nice break for the day, and started training at Gocheok Sky Dome at around 3:00 pm that day.

In the training that day, Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) and Tommy Hyeon-soo Edman (St.

This is the first ‘complete’ training in which all members of the Korean baseball team joined.

A KBO official explained, “The bunt operation training has been going on in Tucson, but after the 4th (second baseman Edmon) and 6th (shortstop Kim Ha-seong) joined, we had to work together again, so we trained while maintaining security.” .

The national team conducted closed-door training for about an hour and a half, then trained for another hour and left the baseball field.

Kim Ha-sung and Edmund also practiced defense and batting while wearing uniforms with the Taegeuk mark.

Some of the players showed a little tired expression, perhaps because of the long journey back to Korea, but most players walked around the Gocheok Sky Dome ground with bright faces, feeling relieved that they had returned to Korea for a while.

National team coach Lee Kang-cheol said with a smile after the training, “Just looking at your face, can’t you feel (what the first training session was like)?” digested”, showing satisfaction.

Regarding the private training, he said, “I had to tell Kim Ha-seong and Edmon the signs such as the defensive shift, but I was a little careful because I couldn’t be exposed.”

At 5:00 p.m. on the 3rd, the national team will have a practice game with SSG Landers’ 2nd team, ending their ‘short and thick’ domestic training.

They leave for Osaka, Japan via Incheon International Airport on the 4th, and play final practice matches against Orix Buffaloes and Hanshin Tigers on the 6th and 7th, respectively, before moving to Tokyo, where the tournament will be held.

Starting with the match against Australia on the 9th, the first game where the first round was determined, Japan (10th), Czech Republic (12th), and China (13th) will be met in turn.

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