‘I can’t believe it’ Tottenham begin discussions with Dyer on a ‘three-year contract extension’

Local media reported that Tottenham Hotspur had started discussing contract renewal with Eric Dyer.

Dyer is Tottenham’s 10th year centre-back. He is 188 cm tall and has a decent build-up ability, taking on the role of a three-back sweeper. Under Antonio Conte’s system, he is active as an immovable starter along with Cristian Romero.

His skills are always questioned. Outside of Mauricio Pochettino’s early days and Conte’s early years, Dier has rarely played well메이저놀이터. The fact that his ups and downs are severe and that he exposes anxiety in build-up and defense is a fatal flaw for a center back whose stability is the key.

The same goes for this season. Dyer played in 30 games in all competitions, but was disgraced by allowing 44 runs without fully covering the back. Dier cannot be blamed for all the conceded goals, but that does not mean that Dier has no reason to blame for Tottenham’s defensive insecurity.

However, there is no suitable alternative resource. Currently, Tottenham have Davinson Sanchez, Japhet Tanganga, Ben Davies and Clement Lenglet (on loan) in addition to Dyer and Romero. Only Ben Davis complies, but the rest are talents not suitable for Tottenham, who are aiming for the top ranks. This is why Dyer has no choice but to start every game.

Conte’s confidence is also strong. Director Conte has mentioned several times that Dyer will be reborn as the core of Tottenham. In September of last year, he even compared himself to Leonardo Bonucci, whom he coached in the past, to the extent of saying that he has the qualities of a ‘world class centre-back’.

His contract renewal is also approaching. Dier currently has a contract with Tottenham until June 2024. With less than 18 months left until expiration, discussions on extending the contract are underway. England’s ’90min’ predicted that Dyer would remain at Tottenham, saying, “Tottenham are preparing to sign Evan Ndika, while also considering renewing the contract with Dier.”

It came out for a specific period. England’s ‘Football Insider’ said on the 24th: “Tottenham star Eric Dyer has started talking about a three-year contract. The 29-year-old defender’s current contract runs until 2024, and Tottenham are on the verge of Dyer’s impressive performances this season (contract). We are working on a two-year extension from the expiration date.”

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