How much money did you throw away from ‘Richalisong→Anthony’? Best 11 Fails

Not all recruitment can be successful. Even if you spend a lot of money, failures come out. The 2022/2023 English Premier League also revealed the best 11 failures like throwing money away.

British media 메이저놀이터‘The Sun’ has selected 11 transfer students who have failed to live up to expectations in the Premier League so far this season. As the name value and transfer fee are the criteria for evaluation, freshmen from the Big 6 clubs are mainly listed.

Richarlison, who moved from Everton to Tottenham Hotspur, occupied the front line. Tottenham spent 60 million pounds (approximately 91.8 billion won) to reduce the attack burden of Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, but Richarlison is staying on the bench resource. Richarlison, who still has not been able to jump to the starting lineup due to an injury at the Qatar World Cup, has not scored a single goal in the league.

The second line was Raheem Sterling (Chelsea), Joe Aribo (Southampton) and Anthony (Manchester United). Sterling, wearing a Chelsea uniform in anticipation of playing in Liverpool and Manchester City, shows regret in his decisiveness. Aribodo is not helping Southampton escape from the bottom of the table, and it is definitely a disappointing report card that Anthony scored 3 goals despite a transfer fee of 85 million pounds (approximately 130 billion won).

Defensive midfielders were Calvin Phillips (Man City) and Billy Gilmore (Brighton), who became a hot topic after becoming fat after the World Cup. Contrary to expectations during his time at Chelsea, Gilmour has not developed at all at Brighton.

The price of the cloth is also considerable. Mark Cucurella and Kalidou Koulibaly have been cited as reasons for Chelsea’s sluggishness, while Duye Caleta-Carr (Southampton) and Thilo Kerer (West Ham) are also lacking in performance. Goalkeeper Neto (Bournemouth), who is somewhat unfortunate to be from FC Barcelona, ​​was disgraced.

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