Hong Ye-rin, Kim Jong-hoon, Kim Min-woo, Yoon Da-won, and Choi Won-jun selected as Black Combat representatives

All five Korean representatives of Black Combat, who will face the Japanese DEEP representative players, have been released. △Atomweight class Hong Ye-rin △Bantamweight Kim Jong-hoon △Featherweight class Kim Min-woo △Lightweight class Yun Da-won △Unlimited class Choi Won-joon will sortie for ‘Black Combat 5: Song of the Sword’ to be held at the Suwon Convention Center on the 4th of next month.

Hong Ye-rin (20, DK Jim) is a sharp hitter nicknamed ‘Ghost’. He is a rising powerhouse with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses. He faces Deep Atom Weight Champion Saori Oshima (28), who has amassed a record of 10 wins and 3 losses.

Kim Min-woo’s older brother, ‘Prince’ Jong-hoon Kim (31, moai gym) returns to the cage after 9 years. He played an active role from 2013 to 2014 with 4 wins and no losses, but was seriously injured during training and stopped playing as a player. The opponent is Seigo Yamamoto (27), “Little Sexy Yama,” who is Choo Seong-hoon’s junior and has lost 5 consecutive losses (4 wins, 1 draw, 10 losses).

‘Korean Moai’ Kim Min-woo (29, Moai Jim), who was the Road FC bantamweight champion, will face Daisuke Nakamura (42), a veteran who debuted in 2002. Leaving behind the memory of not being able to compete due to poor condition while losing weight at last year’s ‘Road to UFC’, he raised his weight to featherweight and is aiming for a victory with his brother Kim Jong-hoon. 메이저놀이터

‘Mantis’ Da-won Yoon (24, MMA Story), who won all 5 wins (1 draw, 4 losses) in the pro tournament with rear naked chokes, is once again aiming for deep lightweight champion ‘Iron Spider’ Juri O’Hara (32).

‘White Bear’ Choi Won-joon (33, Choi Won-joon gym) faces Akazawa Yukinori (30), who is 20 kg heavier than himself. Choi Won-joon’s goal is to defeat Akazawa and meet again with Black Combat heavyweight champion Yang Hae-jun. Akazawa, who trained with Georges Saint-Pierre at Trista Gym in Canada, is also aiming for Yang Hae-jun after Choi Won-jun.

Ticket sales for ‘Black Combat 5: Song of the Sword’, a 5-on-5 Korea-Japan match, will soon start on the Black Combat official website.

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