“Honestly, I didn’t show anything”… The future of Hanwha Mound, which receives ‘storm interest’, has become stronger

 “To be honest, I haven’t shown much…”

Moon Dong-ju (20), a top prospect pitcher for the Hanwha Eagles, who is entering his second year as a pro, wanted to become stronger in his second year.

Moon Dong-ju returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport after completing the team training on the 9th. He said, “My goal was to finish the camp without injury. If I don’t get hurt, I think I’m working hard enough. I’m 100% satisfied with returning home without injury.”

Last year, Moon Dong-ju took his first steps in the KBO League. Since his high school days, he has been expected for his fast speed and excellent game management ability, which reaches a maximum speed of 157 km per hour. As a top-notch rookie, many spotlights were on Moon Dong-joo. It seemed that he had grown accustomed to this kind of attention by now.

Moon Dong-joo said, “Honestly, I haven’t shown much, but it feels good to be receiving this kind of attention. Also, I think it’s right to play baseball well when you’re getting this kind of attention. I think I’ve been preparing hard to show a good look since the camp.” talked

“It’s still a process (to throw a ball to be satisfied). Only when there is such a process can we prepare well for the season. There are still demonstration games left, but if we play those games well, I think it will be the foundation for achieving good results. “he added. 카지노사이트

Moon Dong-ju clearly emphasized the ‘process’, but attracted a lot of attention with a pitch like a real battle. He showed off his good condition by throwing a fast ball that came out from spring camp to 154 km. He also pitched in a practice game with the Dutch national team in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), showing perfect pitching against Andrelton Simmons (34) and Didi Gregorius (33), who have thick bones in the major leagues.

As much as that, his possibility and potential are highly evaluated. However, it is still time to refine. The second year of the professional team, which is important in many ways, is scheduled to unfold, from selection and confirmation of bullpen position to proof of growth.

Moon Dong-joo said, “I feel that I have to do well this season. I am confident that I will achieve good results by taking advantage of my speed. I am trying to show that kind of image often this year. I don’t want to get hurt by overdoing it, so I want to show off a lot of things I have.”

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