“He’s too good to even mention” Sejingya ‘baptizes’ ATM ace Griezmann with praise

“He’s too good to even mention,” Sejingya said of Griezmann.

Team K League took on Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Tuesday, winning 3-2 in the first leg of the Coupang Play Series.

After conceding a goal to Toma Lema in the 13th minute, Team K League went into halftime trailing 0-1, but Anton’s header equalized in the third minute of the second half, and despite conceding again to Carlos, the team responded with a Palocevic penalty kick goal, and Lee Soon-min scored a late winner in stoppage time.

Sejingya, who came on as a substitute at the start of the second half, rattled the Atletico net in the third minute of stoppage time when he sent in a sharp cross from a free kick that Anton finished with a header. The equalizer from Sejingya’s cross sparked a comeback, and Team K-League was able to hold on to beat the Spanish giants.

“I’m happy to be here,” Sejingya told reporters in the mixed zone after the game. I think it was a very good experience playing with Atletico Madrid, and I was greedy for a goal as well as an assist, but I think I was a little bit lacking in those areas, but I’m happy to have this opportunity to show that all the players who play in Korea are good.”

As for Atletico, Sejingya said, “They have a lot of really good players and they’re a good team, but they showed me a little bit more about how they work in space, offensively and defensively. I think it was a game where the players and I could take a step forward.”

Sejingya was attending the All-Star Game for the second time after 2019, and he commented on that: “I’m very happy to be in two All-Star Games, so I’m very happy about that part. However, I think the last one was better because I scored a goal. I think we showed the fans a good game because all the players in the Korean K League are good players. Against Atletico, I didn’t score a goal, but it was more important that I assisted, so I think it was a good game,” he said, congratulating himself on the assist.온라인카지노

As for Griezmann, he was full of praise. “He’s such a good player that it’s hard to even mention him. In the first half, I wanted to get into the game, bump into him, fight with him, pass to him, get to know the flow of the game, but I was a little disappointed. I think it was a good experience because I was able to see the players who played in the World Cup and learn a lot about the tempo,” he said, adding that he strongly regretted not being able to play alongside Griezmann.

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