‘Gold→Silver→Silver’ Lee Hae-in “Successful triple axel during practice… I will try more”

‘Post Yuna Kim’ Hae-in Lee (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School) announced that she had an unforgettable birthday by winning a silver medal in the figure skating team event.

She also said that next season she would show off her honed triple axel.

Lee Hae-in returned home via Gimpo Airport on the afternoon of the 17th after finishing the 2022/23 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating World Team Trophy event held at the Tokyo Gymnasium in Japan.

The Team Trophy is a figure skating team event that started in 2009 and is an official ISU competition where the top 6 countries with the best results in a season participate.

The team trophy consists of men’s and women’s single and pair short programs, free skating, ice dance, rhythm dance, and free dance. Ranking points are given to the rankings of each event and added together to determine the final ranking.

‘Team Korea’, consisting of Lee Hae-in, Cha Jun-hwan (22, Korea University), Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University), etc. He overcame it and scored a total of 95 points to win the silver medal.

Lee Hae-in stands at the center of Korea’s silver medal. In women’s singles, Lee Hae-in took first place in both the short program and free skating, earning her a perfect score of 24 ranking points.

Lee Hae-in, who broke her highest score with 76.90 points in the short program on the 13th, also received a personal best score of 148.57 points in the free skating on the 14th.

Lee Hae-in won the gold medal in the women’s single event 13 years after Kim Yu-na at the Four Continents Championships held earlier this season.

She also won the silver medal at the World Championships held last month, making her the first podium 10 years after Kim Yu-na. She then added another medal to her team trophy, which she participated in for the first time in her life, showing her skills to the fullest.

In particular, Lee Hae-in had an unforgettable day as she celebrated her birthday on April 16, the last day of the event when her silver medal was decided.

The following is a Q&A from Lee Hae-in.

-You placed first in both the short program and free skating.

To be honest, it didn’t bother me at all. Working as a team made me want to help a little more. This time, I brought the old costumes, but I think I got a good result because I wanted to leave a good memory.

-What is the difference between the silver medal at the World Championships and the silver medal at the Team Trophy?

At that time, I won by myself, but this time it was meaningful to be able to go up to the podium with Team Korea members. Also, personally, I like cheering, so it was nice to be able to cheer to my heart’s content.

-During the gala show, the members threw a surprise birthday party. did you know

I didn’t know at all. Even if I did a (birthday party), I thought I would do it after everything was over, but I never imagined that I would do it as soon as the gala was over. After the performance, I was saying hello, but a song came out, and (Cha) Junhwan oppa came from far away with a cake, so I was very surprised. It was the happiest birthday in my life because many people congratulated me


The music kept playing and (the fans) kept clapping, so I thought I had to do something.

-How do you feel about cheering along with the members?

Cheering itself is such a great happiness and fun, but this time I went to ‘Kiss and Cryzone’ to dance and role-play, so I think the cheering was even more fun. It was nice that we all got to know each other. 카지노사이트

-Looking at the double axel, you seem to have gained confidence .

It was during the French Grand Prix (November last year) that I changed the jump composition to ‘let’s go with this’, and it seems to have worked out since then. I seemed to have found my own good jump sequence. Now that I can do all the jumps that I put in my work, I think I gained the confidence that ‘I can do it because I can do it’ even during competitions.

-I posted pictures of the players on Instagram, what was the reaction?

In the hope that it will be an unforgettable memory for me and the players, I have been diligently drawing pictures from a few days ago. I’m glad everyone liked it.

– The concept you were in charge of while cheering was impressive.

First of all, the character I played was a chick. I remember going to the Kiss and Cry Zone after the game and everyone laughing when they saw me dressed in yellow and cute. It was fun to take on each character and do a fun dance.

-You said you want to put a triple axel in your program next season.

It was the last time I played (triple axel) during practice for this tournament, and I wanted to try it at least once. Even though I couldn’t do it for several months, I succeeded, so I will practice a lot from now on and discuss with the teachers to prepare hard for the next season.

– Looking back on this season.

Even though I showed a bad image in the beginning, everyone was hurt and I was also upset. I tried to do it until the end with the mindset that it is not over until it is over, and I think it was because of your support that I was able to finish the (domestic) ranking match and the comprehensive championship, and that I was able to win medals at the Four Continents Championships and World Championships.

I came to this place because I worked hard, but I think that I was able to come this far because there are people who care for me and love me, so I try to live every day with gratitude. This season was very difficult, but I had a lot of good memories and I think I gained a lot of experience, so it seems like a meaningful season.

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