‘From a hero to a traitor’ Gui-ling, a naturalized Chinese star, was even hacked into her private life

 The privacy of sports star Gu Ai-ling (20, American name Eileen Gu), who was naturalized as a Chinese citizen from the United States, is under attack. 토토사이트

According to a report by the Shanghai Times on the 11th, Gu Ai-ling, who returned to China after 10 months last month, is known to be under attack from Chinese netizens, including hacking his privacy.

Gu Ai-ling’s Chinese mother completed her master’s degree at Peking University and studied abroad at Stanford. His American father is a graduate of Harvard University. The Chinese media attributed Gu Ai-ling’s success to ‘her mother instilled patriotism and Chinese-style education from an early age’.

However, Gu Ai-ling’s mother recently told the media, “Gu Ai-ling did everything herself from a young age. I have never set goals for my children.” Chinese netizens who were denied Chinese-style education even hacked Gui-ling’s private life.

Gui Ling’s social media is running bad comments like “Get out of China” and “Did you come to China to make money?”

Gu Ai-ling was a US youth representative, but he was naturalized as a Chinese citizen in 2019. He emerged as a star in China by winning two gold medals and one silver medal in the freestyle skiing category at the Beijing Winter Olympics. After the Beijing Winter Olympics, Guai-ling earned more than 120 billion won through a total of 25 advertising contracts with Chinese and global companies such as Anta and the Bank of China.

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