Former Brazilian Justice Minister’s home found ‘coup plan’ documents

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In Brazil, an investigation into riots caused by protesters disobeying the results of the presidential election is underway.

Documents were found at the home of the former Attorney General, a close aide to the former president, that suspected a coup plan.

An investigation into former President Bolsonaro, who is suspected of being behind the riots, has also officially begun.

This is reporter Han Mi-hee.


The Brazilian Federal Police, investigating the riots against the presidential election, discovered a draft decree that appears to be an attempt to intervene in the outcome of the presidential election, which former President Bolsonaro lost.

It was secured through a search and seizure of the home of Bolsonaro’s closest aide, former Attorney General Andersson Torhes, and is believed to have been written after current President Lula won the presidential final in October last year. 메이저사이트

Local media reported on the draft decree that it was intended to allow former President Bolsonaro to establish a defense posture and intervene in the judiciary, including the possibility of annulling the results of the presidential election and preventing Lula from taking office. plan,’ he said.

Torres, who is also head of security, was in Florida, where Bolsonaro was staying, at the time of the riots, and an arrest warrant is currently being issued for condoning and failing to respond appropriately to the riots.

However, Torhes insisted that she was not the drafter of the statute.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s Supreme Court has granted federal prosecutors’ request to open an investigation into former President Bolsonaro.

Both Bolsonaro and Tojes, who are currently staying in the United States, have announced that they will return to Brazil, but it is unknown whether or when they will actually return.

This is Han Mi-hee from Yonhap News.

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