Five freshmen dream of becoming Korea University’s young engines

Korea University freshmen Yoo Min-soo, Lee Dong-geun, Moon Yoo-hyeon, Yoon Ki-chan, and Lee Jae-min try to revitalize the team. 

For the 2023 College Basketball League, the Korea University basketball team has been conducting winter field training in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do since the 13th. Excluding Lee Jae-min, who took a break due to poor physical condition, I met Yoo Min-soo, Lee Dong-geun, Moon Yoo-hyeon, and Yoon Ki-chan after the game. 

First of all, Lee Dong-geun said, “Originally, I exercise three times a day, but in field training, I do it twice. It’s hard because the training is game-oriented, but it’s fun. I played a lot under the goal in high school, but in college, I tried to defend swingman position players. There are difficulties, but I think I’m adapting little by little, and I think it will get better if I get used to it a little more.” 

Next, Yoo Min-soo said, “It’s nice to be able to learn patterns by playing games in field training. In basketball at Korea University, defense is very important, and I’m learning it through games. I care a lot,” he said.

Moon Yoo-hyeon, who did not participate in the afternoon after the morning match due to poor physical condition, said, “I was in good shape in Seoul. Maybe it was because I worked too hard, but I think my body was overloaded. But tomorrow I plan to digest normally.” 

This season, Korea University coach Joo Hee-jeong predicted fast basketball and strong defense centered on the forward position. Yoon Gi-chan, Lee Dong-geun온라인카지노, and Yoo Min-soo, who are in the forward positions among the freshmen, will be the center of it, and they are the lumber that will lead the Korea University basketball team in the future. 

Yoon Ki-chan said, “I’m learning a lot from the coaches and coaches as well as my seniors. I’m learning a lot about defense from Moon Jung-hyun, who is in the same forward position. In terms of offense, (Moon) Jung-hyun teaches me a lot of movements. It’s good if you follow this well. There will be results,” he said, not hiding his expectations. 

Lee Dong-geun also said, “Compared to the basketball I was accustomed to in high school, it’s more difficult, but fun. I want to get used to the quick finish and 2-on-2 play like Lee Woo-seok, my senior at Korea University. Also, if I get a chance, I will confidently try shooting.” 

On the other hand, Moon Yoo-hyeon, together with his older brother, Moon Jeong-hyeon, followed the same steps from Muryong High School to Korea University. Moon Yoo-hyeon, a freshman, will be reassured by the existence of Moon Jung-hyeon, the star of the college league and his older brother. 

Moon Yoo-hyeon said, “(Moon) Jeong-hyeon hyung nags me a lot and says a lot of good things, so I think I adapted quickly. My strengths are my flashy play and explosive power. I will be able to show off what I have learned from the director and coach.” 

How will the 5 freshmen from Korea University perform in the upcoming 2023 KUSF U-League? Expectations are high that the freshman players, who have grown even further under the guidance of head coach Joo Hee-jung, will be able to continue Korea University’s hegemony.

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