First live pitching → 141 km, native Hanwha ace “Both pitch and pitch are better than I thought, I am satisfied”

“I am satisfied because both my pitch and my pitch are better than I thought.”

The main pitchers of the Hanwha Eagles performed live pitching on the 18th. Starting with local ace Kim Min-woo, Han Seung-hyeok, who left the KIA Tigers and was looking for a comeback, began to spread his own balls.

For this live pitching, most of them gave an evaluation that they were satisfied. Kim Min-woo, Felix Pena, Jang Min-jae, and Jang Si-hwan all responded positively. Han Seung-hyeok was the only player who showed a disappointing reaction.

First, Kim Min-woo threw a fastball, a curveball, and a forkball. His best speed was 141 km, which wasn’t too bad as it was his first live pitch.

Kim Min-woo said, “Even considering that it was his first live pitching, it felt good. Overall, he is satisfied with his pitching and pitching better than expected. Now he plans to improve his control and pitch a little more as he enters the real battle mode.”

Entering the second year of the KBO League, Pena threw various balls such as fastballs, two-seams, sliders, cutters, and changeups. His highest speed was 149 km, which was a respectable record. He said, “It was the second live pitching, and it was better than the first. Overall, it seems to be doing well. I will prepare for the actual game and show a more perfect appearance.”

Veterans such as Jang Min-jae and Jang Si-hwan also showed a positive attitude toward the first live pitching.

Jang Min-jae threw a fastball and a메이저놀이터 slider forkball, and the highest speed was 136 km. He said, “It was my first live pitching, and overall I am satisfied. The ball went where I wanted it 90% of the time. If the weather gets warmer while maintaining the status quo, I think the pace will pick up more.”

Jang Si-hwan, who threw a fastball, cutter, and curve and recorded a maximum speed of 144 km, said, “The weather was not good, but thanks to my good body, I pitched satisfactorily overall. While batting 4 pitches against 5 batters, he switched pitches and patterns, which worked well. He said, “I will focus on throwing a lot of strikes and winning right-handed batters to prepare for the actual game.”

Lastly, Han Seung-hyeok, who was the only one who showed a disappointing response, threw a fastball, two-seam, slider, curveball, and forkball, and his highest speed was 145 km. Even though it was not a bad restraint, he showed reflection.

Han Seung-hyuk said, “It was my first live pitching, but I was not very satisfied because I felt that the speed was still lacking when I rotated my body. He thinks he needs more personal training. He goes into actual combat mode, but he personally wants to supplement what he needs a little more.”

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