Finding ‘Post Bento’ in a blank state… Müller “The standard has been set”

An urgent task for Korean soccer is to find a successor for coach Paulo Bento. For the first time in history, a foreigner has been appointed as the chairman who will select a new director.

Reporter Lee Da-som met with the chairman and asked about the criteria for appointing a director. 

Coach Bento was confident in ‘build-up soccer’ despite numerous criticisms, such as a crushing defeat in the match against Korea and Japan and an elimination in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup, and eventually proved his ability in the World Cup.

The Football Association took Bento’s 4 years and 4 months as a lesson and started the process of selecting a new manager.

German-born Michael Müller was appointed as the head of the Power Enhancement Committee, but this is the first time that a foreign member of the Power Strengthening Committee has been appointed.

Michael Müller / National Soccer Team Strengthening Committee Chairman
“(Korean) Hello. Nice to meet you.”

With the weight on the appointment of a foreign leader, Chairman Müller said he would try again from the beginning.

Michael Müller
“We plan to review all directions from a blank slate, and even use personal connections…”

He did not hesitate to ask specific questions about the manager candidates, but he clearly conveyed 5 clear criteria such as expertise and experience. 온라인카지노

Previously, the players who raised their voices about the appointment of the next head coach,

Kim Min-jae / National soccer team defender
“You have to have good grades, but you have to spend a lot of time together and run…”

Chairman Muller, who said he would also communicate with the players, said he prefers a term of four years or more.

“So that we can appoint a manager according to the procedure rather than unconditionally ‘quickly’…”

The next command tower will start accompanying the national team in March.

This is Lee Da-som from TV Chosun.

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