Female handball ‘Belarus goalkeeper’ Alina is a blast

There is a foreign striker named Alina Kishiko (21, Belarus, registered name Alina) at the Busan Facilities Corporation, which has emerged as the ace of the Busan Facilities Corporation and is causing a sensation in the 2022-2023 SK Handball Korea League postseason .

Alina, who finished 4th in the regular league, defeated 3rd place SK Sugar Gliders 28-21 in the semi-playoff on the 1st, followed by 28 units in the 2nd place Gwangju City Corporation in the playoff (single match) on the 3rd. He played an active role as a leading actor in creating a surprise that left him with 22. In both matches, he was responsible for the most points across both teams, leading the ‘rebellion’. On the 3rd, he was also selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game.

There are a total of two foreign players including Alina in the women’s division this season. The other, Flavia Gavina (27, SK Sugar Gliders) from Brazil, is a goalkeeper, so Alina is the only striker.

Alina has a stocky physique (183 cm, 75 kg) for a female handball player. She has a different height and power compared to the average domestic players in the 160-170cm range. She is evaluated as an all-weather striker who is equipped with technical skills. Her main weapon is to shake the goalkeeper with a surprise shot that exceeds 110 km/h while hovering near the goal post. She has only played in her home country’s league before stepping on Korean soil for the first time this season. The reason was that she “wanted to get out of her familiar place and have a new adventure.” Kang Jae-won (58) caught the eye of the manager of the Busan Facilities Corporation and is doing his part as the ace of the team this season.

The Busan Facilities Corporation ranked 3rd in the regular league last season, but in the semi-playoff (single game), they suffered a blow to 4th place SK Sugar Gliders and had a painful memory of ending the ‘Spring Handball’ early. At this time, coach Kang, who felt the absence of a key striker, analyzed the players every night while watching league matches in other countries, and although he did not have much experience yet, he found Alina’s potential high and dropped him. In handball, two foreign players can be registered per team.

Alina stepped on the Korean court under a contract for a total of 3 years (compulsory 2 years + option 1 year), but in the beginning, she had difficulty following Korea’s unique ‘speed handball’. Alina laughed, saying, “European handball has a lot of combination-oriented tactics, but Korea has a lot of counterattacks using quick feet, so it took me a while to adapt.”메이저놀이터

After warming up, Alina led the rise of the Busan Facilities Corporation with high-altitude bombing from her tall height. In the regular season, he was excluded from the team in March due to finger and ankle pain, and he played less than half of the time on the court than other players, but he ranked 4th in scoring (134 goals). Director Kang said, “It is no exaggeration to say that Alina is the ace of our team. One of his shooting abilities is world class. I look forward to next year,” he said.

Alina held a tennis racket until she was 14. He is said to have played an active part in the U-13 (under 13) Belarusian tennis team, which is a junior national team level. However, he fell in love with handball, a team sport rather than an individual sport (tennis) that must be played alone, and entered handball relatively late. He said, “I have no regrets because I was attracted to team sports together.”

From the 5th, the Busan Facilities Corporation will face Samcheok City Hall, the first place in the regular league, in the championship match (best of 3 matches). Alina dreams of climbing to the very top in the first year of his landing in Korea.

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