‘FC Seoul One Club Man’ Kwang-Min Ko is leaving for Malaysia

Professional soccer K League 1 FC Seoul’s ‘one-club man’ Ko Kwang-min (35) is leaving for a club in Malaysia.

Ko Gwang-min, who is currently participating in Seoul’s field training in Kagoshima, Japan, said goodbye to the team on the evening of the 14th. This is because the transfer to the Malaysian club Sabah FC was virtually confirmed. Sabah FC was founded in 1950 and is based in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. They finished 3rd out of 12 teams in Malaysia Super League last season.

Koh Kwang-min made his professional 메이저놀이터debut in 2011, wearing a Seoul uniform after graduating from Ajou University. Since then, he has played only in Seoul and left his name as a ‘one club man’. He spent 10 seasons in Seoul, excluding two years of his military service. His best seasons were 2016 and 2019. He appeared in 33 and 35 games respectively. Especially in the 2016 season, we shared the joy of winning the league.

Ko Kwang-min’s transfer is somewhat unexpected. He also had the symbolism of being a one-club man, but this is because he signed a new contract earlier this year and was considered one of the players expected to retire in Seoul. He was also in very good shape during his training sessions.

However, Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo allowed Ko Kwang-min’s transfer as a great win. He said, “I was in the best shape among the 5 fullbacks in Thailand training camp. Even after coming to Japan, I was in good condition, but a transfer offer came. “he said.

After checking the background of the transfer a little more, Sabah FC also put up good conditions and showed sincerity in recruiting Ko Kwang-min. During the training period in Thailand, Seoul played a practice game against Sabah FC, and Ko Kwang-min showed outstanding performance based on good condition. Sabah FC, which needed veteran side resources, sent an official letter to Seoul. In particular, Sabah FC emphasized that there would be no problem with Koh Kwang-min adapting to the local area as Korean player Park Tae-soo is currently in charge. Ko Kwang-min also wanted a new challenge for the last time as a player, and Seoul also agreed to allow it.

Meanwhile, Ko Kwang-min will leave the training ground on the 15th and move to Malaysia as soon as possible to conduct medical tests and contract work.

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