“Eat and train like Ronaldo”.. Self-management of an Australian boxer who is undefeated by 15 KOs in 21 matches

 Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr)’s active life is coming to an end, but he still serves as an example for his thorough self-management. 

According to British ‘Sports Bible’ on the 7th (Korean time), Australian boxer Tim Chu (29) revealed that he was inspired by Ronaldo’s self-management at a press conference prior to the WBO super welkerweight provisional world title challenge on the 12th.  카지노사이트

Tim Chu is a boxer who boasts an undefeated record of 15 KOs in 21 fights. He is also the son of Koscha Chu (54), a boxing legend who has Korean blood. He was originally scheduled to face Jermel Charlo (33, USA) last January. However, the match date and opponent changed when Shalo fractured his hand in training. Chu’s new opponent was decided to be Tony Harrison (33, USA). Harrison has a record of 29 wins (21 KOs) and 3 losses in 33 fights.

“I did a little research on Ronaldo,” Chu told Wide World of Sports. It is 100% athletes immersed in their own way,” he emphasized. 

“Everything was like that. What I ate, when I ate, true professionalism,” says Chu. “I grew up watching how my father (Koscha) approached his life as an army sergeant. It doubled what he did.” was amazed. 

“What’s fun is that I don’t feel tired as the rounds go by. My breathing is normal and everything is going smoothly,” he said. I’m going,” he said confidently. 

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