Director Lee Jong-woon, who met his former pupil again after 12 years, “The best thing is not to see me” 

‘Huija arrangement geojapilban (會者定離 去者必返). It means that when you meet, you must part, and the person who left will come back. 

Lotte Futures coach Lee Jong-woon and Sidearm Han Hyun-hee, who had a teacher’s relationship at Gyeongnam High School, will wear the same uniform for the first time in 12 years. 

Coach Lee Jong-woon, who has a reputation as a training expert, will lead the Lotte Futures team from this year. Han Hyun-hee, who played for Kiwoom until last year after making her professional debut in 2012, signed a free agent contract with Lotte last month for a total of 4 billion won for 메이저놀이터 3+1 years.  

Han Hyun-hee played an active role as an ace in Gyeongnam High School. He appeared in 24 games in his career and boasted a salty pitch with an average ERA of 1.06 with 10 wins and 6 losses. In 153 innings pitched, he struck out 202 batters and gave up just 37 four walks. 

After his professional debut, he played 416 games, recording 65 wins, 43 losses, 8 saves and 105 holds. His earned run average is 4.26. An all-weather pitcher who can be used as a starting, middle, and finishing pitcher. 

Lotte is a resource that has been active as both a starting pitcher and a bullpen pitcher, as well as Han Hyun-hee’s control and movement. Expectations are high as Lotte lost 9kg after the end of last season and changed after marriage. In addition, with the addition of Han Hyun-hee, the depth of the pitching staff is expected to be strengthened. 

Han Hyun-hee said, “I am grateful to the club officials who believed in me and gave me good suggestions. I am personally happy to be able to play baseball in my hometown of Busan. I am excited to be supported by passionate Lotte fans.”

He added, “I will work hard as much as Lotte trusted me and do my best so that the team can achieve good results. I want to say thank you once again to the Kiwoom Heroes fans who have generously loved me so far.”

Coach Lee Jong-woon, who we met on the 4th at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae, said, “Han Hyun-hee was the pitcher I trusted the most when I was coaching Gyeongnam High School. It’s a big advantage. He welcomed the reunion with his former student, saying, “I’m a pitcher with a lot of natural strengths.” Director Lee Jong-woon said, “The best thing is not to see me.” It meant that I hope Han Hyun-hee will perform well in the first team throughout the season. He smiled and said, “Our team is going to go to fall baseball and cheer for Hyun-hee throwing. Isn’t it the best scenario?”

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