I don’t only look at injuries as bad. I am waiting for the return day with positive thoughts.

The results of Stephen Curry’s left shoulder MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) have come out. It is a symptom of a shoulder dislocation, and it is a reexamination after 2 to 3 weeks.

Fortunately, surgery was avoided. Curry was relieved. “It could have been different. With surgery, the recovery time is four to six months. It was the worst case ever. They said it didn’t require surgery and could be cured, even if it took some time,” she laughs.

In fact, Curry has been plagued with small injuries throughout his playing career. This is because his play itself is so dynamic and he was intensively checked by the opposing defenders.토토사이트 He also suffered several rough fouls.

But this is the first time he has injured his shoulder. That’s why Curry is careful.

When asked about his return schedule, he replied, “It’s hard to say because it’s the first time I’ve been injured. I can only guess by looking at the cases of other players.”

An example of a similar injury to Curry’s was Dwyane Wade in 2008. At the time, Wade missed 23 games.

Curry averaged 30 points this season. He was on the road with 6.6 rebounds and 6.8 assists. His 3-pointers hit 43.4% of his shots while making 5 per game. He has improved his offense more than last season when he won the finals.

However, his team’s performance went the other way. 14 wins and 16 losses. The win rate falls below 50% and remains in 11th place in the Western Conference.

Still, Curry doesn’t give up. The power of positivity is the source. “We try to keep as much positive thinking and faith in what we are doing. We have to be able to say to ourselves, ‘Still strong’. I think we can be better than we are now,” he said.