Day 26 ‘Sseuk-el-Lot’ Round 3… Huh? Will this last quite a while?

A fierce game is unfolding in the 2023 season KBO League. Relatively dense appearance. However, ‘River 3’ is going on for quite a while. SSG-LG-Lotte are the main characters. It seems quite likely that it will last longer.

As of the end of the game on the 21st, SSG and LG are tied for first place. They are making 26 wins, 1 draw and 14 losses, with an odds ratio of 0.650. It’s a pretty high win rate, but both teams are making the same numbers.

Third place is Lotte. They are recording 22 wins and 14 losses with a win rate of 0.611. They are in third place, two games behind SSG-LG, who are tied for first place. In the face-to-face confrontation with SSG, it was only 1 win and 2 losses, and there was a feeling that the ride was slightly widened.

Still, SSG-LG Lotte have some place in the top 3 teams. It is said that it is a two-game difference, but it is a gap that can be narrowed if necessary. On the 13th, SSG was in first place, and Lotte, two games behind, was in second place. We are now in the early stages of the season. 2 matches is never a big deal.

It is expected that this trend will continue. On April 26, SSG took first place, LG took second place, and Lotte tied for third place with Doosan. 26 days have passed since then. Still, these three teams are at the top of the leaderboard.

Looking at the records from April 26 to May 21, SSG ranked 7th with a team batting average of 0.254 and 3rd with a team ERA of 3.17. LG ranks first with a team batting average of 0.281 and sixth with a team ERA of 3.70. Lotte is 6th with a team batting average of 0.254, and 2nd in the league with a team ERA of 3.07.

No team has perfect pitching balance. Instead, either the mound or the bat is strong. If SSG and Lotte are winning with the power of the mound, LG is fine with the bat. All three teams boast strong power. It also has depth.

For the time being, this ‘River of 3’ structure is expected to continue for quite some time. There is a sense that Lotte is slightly behind, but at this point, Lotte is again the most powerful team threatening SSG-LG.

However, the upcoming three-game series is a variable. Right now, SSG and LG stick together in literature. Lotte will play 3 consecutive games with NC, which is tied for 4th place. If SSG or LG manages to sweep it, they can become No. 1 in an instant. If Lotte wins, it can aim for first place again, but the moment it loses in a row, you don’t know what will happen again.메이저놀이터

‘Defending champion’ SSG, LG who shouts ‘this year is a must win’, and Lotte who ‘passed through the tunnel of darkness’ are the top 3. Compared to other teams, both pitchers are enjoying stable power. Even though they are tossing and turning, they are putting their names at the top of the leaderboard. It has some weaknesses, but overall it has more strengths.

If this trend continues, it is expected to help the league’s box office. LG and Lotte are popular national teams. SSG is the team that ranked first in crowd mobilization last year. This season, LG is in first place, SSG is in second place, and Lotte is in fourth place.

How long can SSG-LG-Lotte’s top 3 structure last? Other teams are also aiming for the top spot. Will they be able to overcome them and maintain their lead? It is true that the odds seem quite high. That’s why the current power and atmosphere are good.

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