D Green “If I hadn’t assaulted Jordan Poole, I would still be playing basketball”

“If it hadn’t been for that incident…”

Draymond Green (Golden State) played the 2023 NBA Playoffs Western Conference Final Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers at Ball Arena on the 17th (Korean time) ESPN’s Steven A. Smith gave an on-air interview during the show, in which

he acknowledged that his violence had shaken the team: “We got knocked out in the second round. Fouls, mistakes, away performances, etc. are not united. “Those things would not have happened had it not been for the ‘punch incident’ ahead of the season.”In October of

last year, Green shocked many fans by assaulting teammate Jordan Poole in training. An argument broke out between the two players, and Green hit the grass with his fist.

The assault by Green, who is a senior and captain of the team, was an act that was difficult to tolerate regardless of the reason. After this incident, Golden State started at the beginning of the season.

Green said, “Considering my influence and position in the team, the team was caught because of me. I just watched it happen, didn’t say anything, and hoped it would resolve itself. “스포츠토토

The team atmosphere was seriously shaken by Green’s assault at the beginning of the season. The defending champion was helplessly eliminated in the second round, completely losing the prestige of the previous season. #Photo_AP Yonhap 

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