‘Confrontation of the century’ Myung Hyeon-man vs Hwang In-soo, virtually confirmed “officially announced”

‘Confrontation of the Century’ Myung Hyeon-man vs. Hwang In-soo, virtually confirmed “Official announcement” The match between

‘Road FC Middleweight Champion’ Hwang In-soo (29, FREE) and ‘Lion of Myeongseung’ Myung Hyeon-man (38) will be officially announced at a press conference .

On the 17th, Chairman Jeong Moon-hong expressed his intention on whether Hwang In-soo and Myung-hyeon-man’s match would be confirmed on his personal YouTube channel, Gao-hyung Life.

Hwang In-su and Myung Hyun-man have been dissing each other and fighting a war of words. Hwang In-soo, who commented on Goobne ROAD FC 062, said that he would play against Myung Hyun-man on a specific date when asked about his return.

Road FC has not made an official announcement, but as the remarks became an issue, information began to circulate on social media that the date of the match between Myung Hyun-man and Hwang In-su was confirmed.

Hwang In-soo said, “I tried sparring (with Myung Hyun-man), but I felt that it was worth trying to the point where I thought it was a heavyweight. So when he was asked, he came out at ease. He told me the answer as it was in my heart, and that fueled the fire.” 

In response, Chairman Jung Moon-hong said, “We didn’t even announce it, but yes (Hwang In-soo) talked about February 25th, and (Myeong) Hyun-man also said that it was February 25th, wasn’t it? We haven’t announced yet,” he said. “To sort things out, to have a seat with you.”

Hwang In-soo is challenging Myeong Hyun-man, the ‘strongest in standing’, with a standing rule, not an MMA rule, and talks about rules are coming out.

Hwang In-soo said, “When I tried sparring, I couldn’t wake up because I was flying in MMA. I’m talking honestly. It was fine even when I was standing. Because it’s the strongest eating. It is meaningful to win by standing up.” 

Chairman Jung Moon-hong said, “Next time, let’s talk at the final press conference, prepare well at the event, and coordinate and announce at the press conference. The rule for standing is 3 minutes. Because MMA is 5 minutes. Let’s coordinate and make a reasonable and fun match.” 메이저놀이터

Hwang In-soo, who hadn’t played since ROAD FC 058, revealed the reason why he hadn’t been able to defend his title.

He said, “The tournament company thanked me for making money doing business, and they gave me some matches because they were considerate and understanding.

Also, Hwang In-soo said, “I am full of apologetic feelings to the fans for not playing and not defending, but with the desire to reciprocate to some extent, the match was played with Myung Hyun-man.” I’ll try it out with the players. Please show a lot of interest and support,” he asked for support.

In order to hold a tournament, the venue and date must be considered, so Road FC is coordinating various factors to present the best stage.

Lastly, Chairman Jung Mun-Hong said, “The date and venue of the Road FC match, relay, and broadcasting will be officially announced at the next announcement. It’s not confirmed yet. It was confirmed that we were going to have a tentative match. I am grateful to CEO Kwon of ‘T.O.D.O.’ who worked hard to make this match happen,” he said. We decided to co-host the event with the CEO of ‘T.O.D.R.’”.

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