Concerns about the 2nd Hertha Incident…Klinsman, domestic residency standard-contract stipulation X

 It is currently unknown how long coach Jurgen Klinsmann will stay in Korea during the year.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 27th that it had appointed German coach Jurgen Klinsmann (58) as the new head coach of the national soccer team메이저놀이터. The contract period with coach Klinsman is about 3 years and 5 months from March to the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America. The salary was not disclosed according to the agreement of both parties.

Michael Müller, head of the Korea Football Association’s Power Reinforcement Committee, held a press conference at the Soccer Hall located in Sinmun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 28th and explained the reason and process for appointing Klinsmann as head coach.

After the appointment of director Klinsman was announced, the most worrying part is director Klinsman’s sincerity. Even though Klinsmann is a man who has made legendary records throughout his career, the reason why he has not had a coaching career since parting ways with the US national team in 2016 is the shocking move he showed at Hertha Berlin in February 2020.

Coach Klinsmann announced his voluntary resignation through his personal social media account after three months as head coach of Hertha. He announced that he would quit coaching through personal SNS without consulting the club’s leadership. Director Klinsmann committed an act that completely destroyed the trust of the leadership who brought him to Herta.

The Korea Football Association announced that “Coach Klinsman made living in Korea during his tenure as a condition of the contract”, but domestic fans are concerned that Klinsman’s move will not recur.

To prevent this from happening, stipulated terms and conditions will be needed. Chairman Muller, who negotiated with coach Klinsmann, did not give a clear answer, saying, “It is difficult to say exactly the terms of the contract. It is not something I am familiar with. What is certain is that I have met all five requirements and have a strong desire to stay in Korea.” There is concern that a second Hertha incident may occur.

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