“Choi Ga-eun, Bae Yu-na will raise you well”

Pepper Savings Bank returned to Lee Go-eun, the main setter, after one season on the condition of trading Choi Ga-eun and the 1st pick for the 23-24 season.

On the 2nd, Pepper Savings Bank said in an official press release, “Ga-eun Choi and the 2023-24 season rookie draft 1st round nomination rights and Expressway Corporation Lee Go-eun, 23-24 season rookie draft 2nd round nomination rights were exchanged. “he said.

There were many twists and turns. Lee Go-eun, who joined Pepper Savings Bank as the first FA player and led the team, returned to her parents’ team after one season and then returned to Pepper Savings Bank. 

Previously, on the 26th of last month, the Korea Expressway Corporation announced the news through an official press release that “setter Lee Go-eun was recruited as a transfer compensation player for Park Jung-ah.” The news that the main setter was not tied to a protection player was surprised by the player himself, the designated road construction company, and Pepper Savings Bank, who thought there was no guarantee that Lee Go-eun would be nominated. 

At that time, Pepper Savings Bank recruited outside hitter Park Jeong-ah with the highest annual salary (775 million won / 3-year contract with options), received Chae Seon-ah, and received both Lee Han-bi and Oh Ji-young, raising expectations for the next season. . However, bitter voices from fans of the club flooded in at the news that they had missed the setter, the main power. 

In response, Pepper Savings Bank, which said to the magazine at the time, “I will open up all possible directions and think about it,” eventually gave Lee Ga-eun, the starting middle blocker, the first round of the 23-24 season, and regained Lee Go-eun. It is an all-time great trade that made a bold stroke on the women’s volleyball board. Also, according to KOVO, Lee Go-eun is the only case in women’s volleyball history that she became a reward player and returned to her parents’ team. 

Pepper Savings Bank lost the club’s future nomination right along with the immediate starter due to a misjudgment. Surprised by the sudden transfer, the main player was heartbroken. On the other hand, the Korea Expressway Corporation became the first main character (?) once again after winning the reverse sweep in the 22-23 season championship.

A road construction official who spoke with the magazine on the 2nd said, “At the time, Lee Go-eun was very embarrassed at the thought that he had been released, but he resolved his emotions well and returned to Pepper Savings Bank.” 

In addition, “At the time, as soon as the club nominated Lee Go-eun and sent an official letter, Pepper Savings Bank immediately called, as if they were surprised,” he said. It seems that he didn’t look for other ways other than re-recruitment, and it would be a stable direction for Lee Go-eun to establish himself as a starter in the club.”  

Regarding Choi Ga-eun, who was recruited, “Among the current young middle blockers, players such as Lee Ye-rim and Lim Ju-eun have no experience in playing properly. Thought,안전놀이터

With the 23-24 season 1st round trade nomination, the road construction is more likely to consolidate the midfield. Hanbom High School middle blocker Kim Se-bin (188cm), who is evaluated as the biggest rookie, is currently the most prominent player. His father is Kim Chul-soo, former manager of Korea Electric Power Corporation, and his mother is Kim Nam-soon, a former Korea-Japan synthetic apothecary spiker. He is currently considered a key prospect to lead the midfield of women’s volleyball. 

Pepper Savings Bank recruited MJ Phillips from the Asia Quarter, and the midfield depth is not very small with Yeom Leung, Ha Hye-jin, Gu Sol, Seo Chae-won, and Park Yeon-hwa, who were the biggest players last season. However, Ha Hye-jin was out of the season for a year due to a shoulder injury, so it is urgent to regain a sense of the game after returning, and Yeom Er-Hung also left the court due to an injury before he even consumed his experience points after his debut.

The rest of the players are also inexperienced or resources who changed positions in a hurry last season. It is painful to miss a golden opportunity to nominate a rookie middle blocker with excellent power in that situation.

On the other hand, Choi Ga-eun will officially join the team on the 8th (Mon) and board a plane to the United States, the team’s championship award trip. The club said, “Now Choi Ga-eun is also our official player, so we are going on a trip together to make time to get closer to each other.” 

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