Cho Yoon-hee’s earnest wish, “I can’t let my precious Kim Yeon-kyung go”

 On the 6th, the 2023-24 V-League Women’s Championship Final ended with the road construction victory.

Highway Corporation created a myth that has never been created in the history of the V-League women’s division, 3 wins in a row after 2 losses, and became the champion with difficulty. That’s why they deserve to be treated as a winning team. In particular, this women’s V-League showed the highest viewership rating ever, and it was worth looking forward to the next season’s ‘The Great Battle of Baek-gu’.

However, Heungkuk Life Insurance and signboard Kim Yeon-kyung, who took second place, had no choice but to be a little disappointed. It was because the momentum of winning the regular league could not be brought to the championship game. Kim Yeon-kyung, who was the brightest star as the captain of the national team, was the most fighting spirit in her team. So, as Kim Yeon-kyung, who has various options, fans are ready to respond 100% to whatever choice she makes. The two volleyball Yeojae’s Olympic fighting spirit

seen in a photo with coach Cho Hye-

jeong First of all, Kim Yeon-kyung gets FA qualification at the end of this year. Therefore, she can remain in her team or go abroad again. If that is not the case, he may transfer to another domestic team offering better conditions. However, if he has no regrets about his career as a player, there is nothing strange about announcing his retirement. In fact, Kim Yeon-kyung himself also indirectly revealed that he was thinking a lot between his retirement and the extension of his active service.

However, many fans still want Kim Yeon-kyung to play active duty. In particular, Jo Yoon-hee showed her special affection for Kim Yeon-kyung through her SNS. She puts her heart into wanting her active duty a little longer.

It is also true that Cho Yoon-hee’s mother, former GS Caltex coach Cho Hye-jeong, was also the protagonist who won an Olympic medal for the first time in the history of Korean ball game sports. The women’s national volleyball team, which participated in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, brought great joy to the country by winning the bronze medal at the time. At the time, coach Cho Hye-jung, famous for her ‘flying little bird’, was a pillar of her national team. She has many similarities with Kim Yeon-kyung in many ways. It is unlikely that anyone would dispute that she is a volleyball hero who transcends her time in that she is both an Olympic hero and the ace of her team. 바카라사이트

The two volleyball players met and took pictures after Heungkuk Life Insurance won the regular season. As expected, in this photo released by professional Cho Yoon-hee, it seemed to prove that ‘even though there is a difference in height, the class does not change’. Since her mother, coach Jo Hye-jeong, ended her relatively short active career, she may have wanted Kim Yeon-kyung to play when she could play a little more.

Unfortunately, Kim Yeon-kyung, unlike her coach Cho Hye-jung, does not have an Olympic medal. However, while giving an impression comparable to her Olympic medal, she laid the groundwork for many volleyball fans to enjoy the V-League. In that regard, it may be natural that the fans’ voices to dissuade her from retiring are high.

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