Catherine Bell (registered name Catbell), who showed her overflowing affection for Korea, is now stepping on the court to win the road construction championship.

Korea Expressway Corporation carried out foreigner replacement on the 4th. She decided to part ways with former Katarina Jovic and teamed up with Catbell, who had her V-League experience.

He has already experienced the Korean league twice as a member of GS Caltex in the 2015-2016 season and Heungkuk Life Insurance in the 2021-2022 season. Last season, Catbell participated in 33 games and 114 sets, and ranked 3rd in scoring (773 points) and 7th in attack (36.52% attack success rate). He even played a leadership role in a team that was dominated by young players.

Catbell applied for a tryout this season as well, but was not selected, and played for Galatasaray in the Turkiye League until last December.

Catbell, ahead of his third V-League season, said in an interview with <The Spike>, “After leaving Korea, I tried to rest as best I could. In the summer, he spent the summer season in Puerto Rico, and then he was playing in the Turquilla League.”

“I am happy to be back in Korea. I am overwhelmed in a good way,” he said happily.

The road construction proceeded with a contract with Catbell due to the unsatisfactory decision power of the continued foreigner. “When she first heard I was being considered for a replacement, she was ecstatic,” says Catbell. It’s an honor to believe that even though he’s halfway through the season, he’s someone who can make a difference and help the team. I felt emotions beyond gratitude.”

Remembering the road construction he faced when he was at Heungkuk Life Insurance last season, Catbell said, “The road construction was always a tough opponent. There were a lot of experienced players. Especially the road construction matches with Kelsey Payne were always difficult.”

The road construction finished the first half of the season with a win rate of 50% with 9 wins and 9 losses (26 points). We need a lot of wins for spring volleyball for the rest of the season. Catbell also wants to do his best for the team’s victory. 메이저사이트

Catbell hoped that he would be the last puzzle of the road construction. Catbell said, “I hope I can be the ‘one piece’ the team is looking for. I want to help you fight more fiercely. The player base they already have is perfect. For the rest of the time, I will only focus on volleyball, and I came here to do that. The goal this season is, of course, to put our team in a high position and make it to the championship match.”

He also did not forget to thank his fans. Catbell said, “Playing in Korea is one of the best experiences of my life thanks to the fans who always support and show a lot of love. Thanks to that, I always do my best.”

“I love Korea and I am very happy to be back. Thank you again and let’s go to the high ground!”