‘Captains’ and ‘aces’ shine in defeat

Our players fought hard, especially Lee Seung-won and Bae Joon-ho, to reach the FIFA U20 World Cup final today (9 September).

Ha Sung-ryong is a reporter.

The equalising goal for our team, which was down 1-0, was the result of the combined efforts of Lee Seung-won and Bae Jun-ho.

Captain Lee Seung-won overcame a 17cm taller opponent to flick a pass away with his head, while ‘ace’ Bae Jun-ho defended the ball with all his might and was tripped up, leading to a penalty kick.

From the spot, Lee Seung-won stepped up to take the spot-kick and stunned the crowd with a masterclass kick that found the top corner of the net.

With two goals and four assists in the tournament, Lee tied the record set by Lee Kang-in four years ago.

While Lee matched Lee Kang-in’s record, Bae Joon-ho overwhelmed the Italians with a spectacular individual display that was reminiscent of Lee Kang-in’s.스포츠토토

[Lee Hwang-jae/SBS commentator : He’s spinning like a top and making fun of Chanotti].

[Lee Jae-hyung/SBS commentator : Bae Jun-ho, the super top].

Defender Chanotti, a promising Inter Milan player, was yellow-carded for a rough challenge on Bae Jun-ho, and was substituted midway through the game.

The captain and ace shone in a disappointing defeat.

[Lee Seung-won/U-20 World Cup captain: I can’t blame anyone for the way the result turned out, I think we played as hard and as well as we could, and I don’t have any regrets].

For a team that hasn’t been in the limelight much due to the lack of star players, this tournament has produced new stars that the world has taken notice of, and Kim’s challenge is far from over.

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