Can Chairman Mueller convince the ‘appointment of Klinsman’?

As concerns over coach Jurgen Klinsmann grow, the focus will be on the words of Michael Müller, chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee.

Manager Paulo Bento was replaced by manager Klinsmann. Director Robert Moreno, coach Jose Bordalas, and coach Rafa Benitez were all on the list, but in the end, coach Klinsman rose to the top of the Korean command tower. The Korea Football Association announced in a press release on the 27th that Klinsmann had been appointed head coach, and that he had lived in Korea and signed a contract for 3 years and 5 months.

There are already a lot of worried eyes. Coach Klinsmann was the best striker as a player, and as a coach, he led the German national team and the US national team and achieved some results, but he showed more disadvantages than advantages, and in the club team, he made noise externally and showed a lack of responsibility. His most recent managerial job was at Hertha Berlin in 2019, but he quit after three months.

It is ambiguous to beat his directorial career. He served as manager for at least a year until 2016. He has this hiatus of about 7 years in effect. Football has changed tremendously in the span of seven years. From the system to the way players are handled, the overall tactical flow has changed significantly. There is a great concern that coach Klinsman, who was not on the field during that time, will be able to succeed Bento well. Even if he plays Hertha, his coaching hiatus is only 3 years메이저놀이터.

# The most important thing is, ‘Why is Klinsman the manager?’

Realistically, it is impossible to bring a director with a high reputation to Asia. It is clear that those who are commonly known by football fans, have excellent tactical skills, and have been involved in big clubs in Europe, want a bigger stage in Europe. There are also financial problems. A choice must be made among realistic alternatives, but Chairman Muller and the Korea Football Association chose coach Klinsman among those realistic options.

Putting concerns aside, what we need to look at is ‘why?’ Even when coach Bento came in the past, there was a lot of criticism about appointing coach Bento, who had failed after touring several teams after coaching the Portuguese national team. At that time, Kim Pan-gon, chairman of the national team selection committee, clearly presented the background and vision of the appointment. In other words, we searched for a coach under the set direction and brought in a Bento coach who met various conditions.

‘Why’ The Korea Football Association properly informed Bento as the head of the national team for four years. Chairman Kim Pang-gon was right, and Bento coach led the team for four years under a clear system and brought Korea to the round of 16 at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He showed a different kind of football than before and got all the performance and results. As with Bento’s case, if Müller correctly informs why he chose manager Klinsman, criticism and concerns will be reduced a little bit.

# What does Chairman Müller have to say?

A press conference by Chairman Mueller will be held on the 28th at 2pm. It is necessary to answer how well coach Klinsman fits the five guidelines he himself mentioned at the press conference. At the senior press conference held at the Football Hall on January 11, Chairman Mueller said, “There are five. Professionalism, experience as a manager, motivation as a manager, coordination with the team, and environmental factors. The positive factor is how well I, KFA, and the manager can meet the conditions. Above all, we are conducting a logical and comprehensive appointment process.”

At this point, before Chairman Mueller made his position clear, there are many areas where Klinsman’s coach does not meet the five standards. He has questionable tactical abilities and is not considered to have tremendous managerial experience. He has no recent managerial history, and his motivation and coordination are questionable due to his mistakes during his Hertha days. Environmental factors will only be known by the Korea Football Association and Chairman Muller, who negotiated.

Director Klinsman was appointed once. A critical gaze is necessary, but there is no need to blindly criticize or criticize the decision of the Korea Football Association. It is not too late to listen to what process Chairman Muller brought in coach Klinsman.

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