Business national team candidates, women’s 200m freestyle, special training with the world’s new emission leader

The 2023 management national team candidate team has taken a step closer to the ‘Taegeuk Mark’ with a leader from the Hong Kong business team who produced world record holders. 

The Korea Swimming Federation (Chairman Chung Chang-hoon) announced on the 13th that it invited Michael Pasting (62), a former Hong Kong management team leader, to guide the national management team candidate team during the first winter 온라인카지노camp training in 2023 for three weeks from the 5th.

Passing, of German nationality, is the teacher of Siobhan Hehehe (26). Siobhan Hehehe is the first Hong Kong swimming Olympic medalist to win two silver medals in the women’s 100m and 200m freestyle at the Tokyo 2020 Games and is the current world record holder in the women’s 200m freestyle short course.

This invitation was promoted as part of the ‘Invitation of Excellent Overseas Leaders to Foster Basic Events’ project sponsored by the Korea Sports Council, financially sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Corporation, and hosted by the federation. For three days from the 10th, Pasching explained detailed stroke techniques to 66 national team candidates at the Mungyeong Armed Forces Sports Corps, using his teaching know-how of more than 40 years.

In the morning, through a two-hour theoretical lecture, the basic principles and mechanisms for each stroke were explained, and various questions from the squad were answered through a question and answer session. In the afternoon, they practiced the theoretical concepts learned in the morning through a 3-hour diving training at the swimming pool of the Armed Forces Sports Complex in Mungyeong.Passing said, “It was impressive to see him focus at once and work diligently in training like a promising player in Korea.

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