‘Breakout star’ Michael Block to Netflix?

Michael Block (47, USA)’s meteoric rise to global stardom continues after his surprise performance at the PGA Championship as a lesson pro. He’s received congratulations from his basketball idol Michael Jordan (60, USA), is set to star in a golf documentary on OTT platform Netflix, and has even received offers to sell the irons he used for his hole-in-one.

ESPN reported on April 24 (KST), “Block, who finished tied for 15th at the PGA Championship, has received countless calls from acquaintances. ‘I feel bad for my friends,’ he said, adding, ‘Jordan, a basketball legend and golf enthusiast, reached out to him. Apparently, he noticed that Block wore Jordan-branded shoes at the PGA Championship. “I’ve been a Jordan fan my whole life. When I was a kid, I would save up $100 to buy a pair of Jordan shoes,” he responded, according to the report.

He’s also all but confirmed to star in a golf program called Full Swing. Full Swing is a Netflix-produced documentary about the PGA Tour that was released in February of this year to great fanfare. “Netflix is currently filming season two of Full Swing,” says the UK Mirror. The PGA Championship is said to have been a big focus for the show. A number of interviews have also been conducted.”메이저놀이터

There’s also talk of merchandise sales, which are a staple of the celebrity experience. ESPN reports, “Block has received offers of $50,000 (about $65 million) for the 7-iron he used to make a hole-in-one on the 15th hole of the final round of the PGA Championship. ‘Ten years ago, I wasn’t making $50,000 a year,’ Block said in amazement.”

With all the buzz around him, Block will continue his PGA Tour outing with the Charles Schwab Challenge, which kicks off on Friday. He was initially unqualified, but his recent popularity has led to a sponsor handing him an invitation.

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