Boelli’s ‘shock therapy’ → ‘problem player judge’ followed by ‘another expert’ as coach

 Chelsea owner Todd Boelli seems to be dissatisfied with the recent team performance still hovering in the mid-table. Over £600 million has been invested since last year to improve the team’s strength, but the performance is almost the same.

So last week Boelli used a kind of ‘shock therapy’. In order to identify problems within the team, a rugby manager was hired as a coach.

Boelli recently hired Gilnot Ennoka, head coach of the Commonwealth nation’s national rugby team, New Zealand. He served as assistant coach to head coach Graham Porter. To be precise, it is a short-term consulting role.

It doesn’t make sense to have a rugby manager coach a soccer team. But if you look at Chelsea’s situation, you can agree.

Coach Ennoka says he has a good understanding of finding problem players within the team. So the British press said Ennoka joined Chelsea to oversee the team culture.

Boelli has brought in another coach this time, making headlines. The British media recently diagnosed that Chelsea’s biggest problem is that their players are suffering from too many injuries. About 10 players were out of power due to메이저놀이터 injuries, which soon led to the team’s performance.

So, the coach hired by the Chelsea club is said to be an expert who will prevent ‘hamstring injuries’. This is Piergal Kerrin, a famous rehab physiotherapist.

Kerrin worked for Leinster, Ireland’s famous rugby team. He is a hamstring specialist and is known for his innate ability in rehabilitation.

British media reported that Kerin was signed by Chelsea to solve the mystery of why players suffer from ‘hamstring injuries’.
Three of Chelsea’s players have recently left the club with hamstring injuries. Ben Chilwell, Kani Chuquemeca, and N’Golo Kante.

Earlier, Chelsea signed ex-Manchester United physiotherapist Dave Fevre. However, Chelsea are struggling with the ‘injury ward’ this season, with 11 players once on the injured list.

That’s why Chelsea brought in the best medical and fitness experts. In particular, he signed a contract with a company run by a colleague of Kerrin to oversee the treatment of athletes.

The company, known as Remedy, is said to have treated celebrities such as American rock band drummer and former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp

. I wonder what other cards he will pull out to raise .

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