‘Blood battle’ over two generations → Zidane – Van Persie → ‘Spear and Shield’ Son confrontation

Zidine Zidane, the main player in France’s World Cup victory, is still famous in the football world. He was often mentioned as a candidate for the head coach of Saint-Germain in Paris, France, and he was also mentioned several times as a candidate for the head coach in the English Premier League across the sea.

Zinedine Zidane was also the only player to be named the best player while winning the 1998 World Cup and UEFA European Football Championship in France메이저사이트.

He has 4 sons. Coincidentally, he inherited his father’s soccer DNA, so he’s all been active as a soccer player.

Including his eldest son Enzo (27), Luca (24) is a goalkeeper and the third, Theo, is a midfielder. And Elias, 17 this year, is a defender.

Robin van Persie is also a legend from the Netherlands. Although he falls short of Zidane, he has been active as one of the EPL’s best strikers since joining Arsenal in 2004. He scored 50 goals in 102 caps for the Dutch national team. He is said to be the all-time leading scorer.

Percy has one son and one daughter. His son Shaquille is growing up to be a footballer. Although Zidane and Persie are over 10 years old, they were also active at the same time.

It is a hot topic that Zidane, whose son is a soccer player, and Percy’s children have a head-to-head confrontation. Britain’s The Sun reported on the 24th that ‘the sons of World Cup legends collided in a youth tournament’. Shakil, who plays for Feyenoord in the Netherlands, and Elias, who plays for Real Madrid, are the protagonists of the confrontation.

Shaquille is playing as a striker following his father’s line, and Yellas is a defender. It literally served as a spear and shield.

What was the outcome of the match? It is said that Real Madrid defeated Pjenoord 1-0. It is said that Shaquille almost scored a header, but it was narrowly missed. According to local experts in the Netherlands, Shakil is likely to grow into a player on par with his father.

Meanwhile, the U19 international tournament was held in Morocco and ends on the 25th local time. Twelve teams from all over the world participated in the tournament, including Real Madrid, Rangers, Lyon and Feyenoord.

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