‘Best performance among new players in Korea’ DB Park In-woong, he is getting stronger

Park In-woong, ‘the promising star of DB’, is getting stronger.

Wonju DB rookie forward Park In-woong (22, 190 cm) scored 10 points, equal to a career high, in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Changwon LG match held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 17th. Although the team lost 81-82, ‘Rookie’ Park In-woong’s energetic play energized DB.

Park In-woong said, “Actually, the results were not good, and the atmosphere of the team went down as the coach resigned. Personally, I also had mixed emotions. However, he gained cohesiveness by winning against Hyundai Mobis, and personally, I think his confidence increased as he hit a big shot in the match.”

DB won the victory after a close game against Hyundai Mobis (7th), which was the debut game of the command tower of acting manager Kim Joo-seong. In addition to the even performance of the main players, Park In-woong’s 3-point shot at the match was a factor in the victory.

Park In-woong, whose confidence has risen, took on the role of an energizer in today’s game as well. Park In-woong, who stepped on the court at the start of the second quarter, energized the offense through active rebounding and off-the-ball movements.

He was also full of nutrients. Park In-woong, who made a 3-point shot in the middle of the second quarter against 24-24, regained the lead through consecutive fast-breaking layups in two situations where the team fell behind by one point at the end of the second quarter. With his performance of 7 points in the 2nd quarter alone, DB was able to balance the game. 카지노

Park In-woong’s performance continued in the second half. In the middle of the third quarter, when the flow was turned over to LG, DB’s offensive path was blocked, and Park In-woong’s 3-point shot cut the rim. Yoon Seong-won immediately added 3 points to Park In-woong’s valuable outer gun, who was pursuing by 4 points, and DB eventually brought the flow.

Although DB lost due to poor concentration at the end, rookie Park In-woong’s performance was encouraging. With Doo Kyung-min missing, he pierced a way out of the outskirts that was frustrating, and the defense through active rebound participation and vigorous activity was enough to inject energy into the DB.

In response, acting coach Kim Joo-seong said, “Park In-woong played the role of the team’s vitality with an energetic defense and an impressive 3-point shot. It is a very welcome performance in a situation where Doo Kyung-min is missing. In the future, we plan to alternate positions 2 and 3,” expressing satisfaction with Park In-woong’s performance.

Park In-woong said, “At the beginning of the season, (two) Kyung-min focused on playing to save the older brother and Lee Seon Albano. He seems to have paid more attention to screens and spacing. However, the acting coach wants everyone on the court to attack with confidence and touch the ball a lot. It seems that trying to save the chance more actively was a factor in his performance,” he said about the secret of his recent performance.

He continued, “In fact, director Lee Sang-beom, who had chosen me, went out, so I heard complicated feelings. He gave me many opportunities from the first match to the day he resigned, but I felt really sorry that I couldn’t reciprocate. However, I will do my best as acting manager Kim Joo-seong and coach Lee Kwang-jae trust me. I am always so thankful and it seems like I am spending precious time every day. Looking at my draft mates and teammates who are not getting a chance, I plan to work with more responsibility.”

‘Rookie Park In-woong’ is going through an eventful debut season, including the resignation of the commanding tower that selected him and a series of injuries within the team. Looking at his recent performance, it is clear that he is getting stronger. Let’s see if Park In-woong can contribute to the team with his rookie spirit in the midst of a team crisis.

Park In-woong said, “There are still a lot of league matches left, and the possibility of PO is sufficient. He seems to be gaining great experience from his first year as a rookie (laughs). He will work harder with the idea that he is setting the stage to become a better player. The goal is to finish the season successfully with his brothers and the coaching staff,” he concluded the interview.

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