Arm-height-fixed express rookie confirms starting debut… “Start against right-handed hitters rather than lefties” against KT on Tuesday

“They say Seohyun is the best”.

Hanwha Eagles extraordinary rookie Kim Seo-hyun (19) will make his starting debut. According to the order of the starting pitchers, he will start in Suwon against the KT Wiz on May 10.

Choi Won-ho canceled the registration of veteran starter Jang Min-jae before the Gwangju KIA game on May 5. Instead, he decided to use Kim Seo-hyun as the new starting pitcher.

Choi said, “Among the Futures’ starters, Seo-hyun is the best. There are many right-handed batters in KT’s center field, including Alford, Park Byung-ho, Hwang Jae-gyun, and Jang Jang-woo. I think it would be better to start with the right-handed lineup rather than the left-handed lineup,” Choi said.

“Dong-ju also throws an average of 153, 153 kilometers per hour, but the bat pushes. Seo Hyun-i is also averaging in the low 150s in the Futures League. If the bat is pushed by a fastball in the batting count, they can be competitive even if they are driven to the center,” he said.

Kim Seo-hyun started the season with the first team. He appeared in 18 games as a reliever, recording one save and a 5.60 ERA. When Choi Won-ho took over as manager, he decided to change his position to starter and received a starting job with the Futures team.

Since June 15, he has started five games, allowing nine earned runs in 21 innings with a 3.86 ERA. On June 1, he pitched 5 1/3 innings against Samsung, allowing three runs on five hits and two walks with five strikeouts. In the second game, Choi also worked on his pitching form, stabilizing the height of his arm.

After the second-team report, Choi decided that Kim’s delivery and velocity were both ready for a first-team debut.메이저놀이터

“I originally threw with a sidearm and a three-quarter, but it didn’t work. The release point error was large, so the Future Team fixed it to a three-quarter. If the height of the arm is constant, the release point is also constant. I also increased my fastball percentage. I got reports that it improved a lot,” he explained.

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