Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup canceled due to earthquake in Turkey

The Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup, which was on the second day of the tournament, was urgently postponed in the aftermath of the earthquake that occurred in Turkey.

UMB (World Carom Federation메이저놀이터, President Faruk Barki) said on the 7th, “The ‘2023 Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup’ tournament is canceled for the safety of the participating players and tournament officials due to the recent strong earthquake and continuing aftershocks in Turkey.” We pray for the safety of all citizens of Kiye and express our condolences to the bereaved family.”

UMB held the ‘2023 Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup’ in Ankara, Turkey on the 6th (local time), and planned to continue the tournament for a week. However, when a large-scale earthquake occurred in the area and thousands of people suffered a tragedy, it was decided to cancel the competition on the 7th, the second day of the competition.

Oh Seong-gyu, CEO of Five&Six, UMB’s official media marketing agency, said, “UMB canceled the ‘Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup’ in the aftermath of the strong earthquake that occurred locally.” However, it will not be easy to resume due to the schedule.” He continued, “There is no damage to the players and officials who participated in this tournament, including Korean players.”

Meanwhile, the earthquake that hit Turkiye occurred at 4:17 am on the 6th (local time) in the Turkiye Gaziantep region with a magnitude of 7.8. According to the local government announcement, as of the 7th, the first day after the earthquake, 3,400 people have died and 20,000 people have been injured in Turkey.

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