Ahn Se-young, revenge for the world’s 3rd place Tai Tzu-ying… South Korea beat Taiwan to advance to Sudirman Cup semifinals

The Korean badminton team defeated Taiwan to advance to the semifinals of the Sudirman Cup at the 2023 World Mixed Team Championships.

South Korea defeated Taiwan 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the 2023 World Badminton Federation (BWF) Sudirman Cup held at the Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou, China on the 19th.

Korea, who advanced to the quarterfinals by finishing first in Group D, met Chinese Taipei, who finished second in Group C, through a lottery. In the final 3rd match of Group D held on the 17th, Korea defeated ‘old enemy’ Japan 5-0. 1st place in the group was very important for a favorable quarterfinal matchup. In Korea, Ahn Se-yeong (Samsung Life Insurance), the ace of the women’s singles, defeated world number one Yamaguchi Akane 2-0 (21-10 21-14).

He also took the mixed doubles and men’s singles, which were expected to be inferior, and confirmed the first place in the group.

In the match draw, Korea received the best match. They met Taiwan in the quarterfinals and faced the winners of the quarterfinals between Denmark and Malaysia in the semifinals. China, the host country of the Grand Prize and the world’s strongest, will meet in the final.

▲ Ahn Se-young cheers after beating World No. 3 Tai Zi-ying in the quarterfinals of the 2023 BWF Sudirman Cup.

The Sudirman Cup match order will be mixed doubles – men’s singles – women’s singles – men’s doubles – women’s doubles.

In the first match, the mixed doubles, South Korea’s Seo Seung-jae (Army Sports Corps) and Chae Yoo-jung (Incheon International Airport) participated. Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jeong, the leading Korean mixed doubles team, teamed up for the first time in this tournament.

Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jeong, the first runners, beat Taiwan’s Yang Po-Xuan-Huling Fang 2-0 (21-17 21-19).

Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jeong, who won the first set 21-17, trailed 8-14 in the second set. However, those who narrowed the score little by little made a 19-19 tie. At the end of the set, Chae Yoo-jung’s elaborate net play and Seo Seung-jae’s exciting smishing led to consecutive goals. Korea succeeded in taking the lead in mixed doubles and took a 1-0 lead.

▲ Seo Seung-jae (left) is playing at the 2023 BWF Sudirman Cup.

In the men’s singles that followed, Lee Yoon-gyu (Gimcheon City Hall) faced world number 5 Cheu Tienchen. In the men’s singles, where he was expected to be inferior, Lee Yun-kyu did well, but lost 0-2 (17-21 16-21) and the match returned to square one.

In the women’s singles, the watershed of the match, the ‘ace match’ was held. Korean women’s badminton star Ahn Se-young faced off against former world No. 1 Tai Tzu-ying (World No. 3).

Ahn Se-young lost to Tai Zi-ying 0-2 (10-21 14-21) in the women’s singles final of the Asian Championships held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the 20th of last month.

Ahn Se-young, who reunited with Tai Zi-ying in this Sudirman Cup, succeeded in revenge with a score of 2-0 (21-13 22-20).

In the first set, 7-7, Ahn Se-young induced her opponent to make mistakes with her skill, ‘net defense’. Tai Ziying’s mistakes poured in, and Ahn Se-young led 14-10. With her solid defense as well as a sharper attack compared to last year, Ahn Se-young took the first set 21-13.

▲ Ahn Se-young celebrates after defeating Tai Zi-ying in the quarterfinals of the 2023 BWF Sudirman Cup

Tai Zi-ying, who started a counterattack, played closely with Ahn Se-young in the second set. The match between those who exchanged points throughout the set was decided at 20-20. Tai Ziying made a fatal attack mistake and covered his face. Ahn Se-young, who did not lose her composure throughout the game, showed off an exciting ceremony by reaching 22 points with an exquisite diagonal attack.

The men’s doubles team, Kim Won-ho (Samsung Life Insurance) and Na Seong-seung (Gimpo City Hall), who took over the baton, won the pair by withdrawing from Li Yang-Ye Hong-wei in two sets. At the end of the first set, with Korea winning the set 21-19, Li Yang injured her left ankle and collapsed on the court.

After a short break, Li Yang returned to the court and the second set followed. Li Yang struggled with his injury, but was unable to perform at his best due to an injured ankle. Kim Won-ho and Na Seong-seung, who continued to win the first set, took a 11-3 lead in the second set.카지노사이트

In this situation, Taiwan declared a withdrawal and Korea confirmed their advance to the semifinals.

In the Sudirman Cup, which is played in a best-of-five match, Korea won the mixed doubles, women’s singles, and men’s doubles to confirm their advance to the semifinals.

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