Agility vs. Passion… Game of Thrones in women’s professional basketball

The 2022-23 season women’s professional basketball’Game of Thrones’ was compressed into a showdown of dignity and ambition.

From the 19th, 1st place Asan Woori Bank in the regular season and 2nd place Busan BNK will play a championship match in a 5-out 3-win system for the championship cup.

Woori Bank, led by coach Seong-Woo Lee, is the strongest team this season. 1st in team scoring in the regular season, 1st in rebounds, 1st in assists, and 1st in 3-point shooting, etc., and recorded only 5 losses (25 wins) in harmony with offense and defense. Danbi Kim joined and became stronger. There are only three MVPs, including Kim Dan-bi, who won the first regular season MVP as soon as he transferred, Park Hye-jin (5 regular season, 2 championship matches), and Kim Jung-eun (1 championship match). Park Ji-hyun is supporting the veteran sisters in their 30s with steady performance. In the playoff (PO) against Shinhan Bank in Incheon, even Go Ara exploded and gave her strength.

Woori Bank challenges to win the championship 12 times and the 10th combined championship. Attention is also focusing on whether Danbi Kim, who is on the stage of the championship after 11 seasons since the 2011-12 season at Shinhan Bank, will be able to wear the championship ring again after a long time.

If Woori Bank is a team with dignity, BNK is a team with relatively high spirits. In the regular season, Woori Bank was greatly pushed back with 1 win and 5 losses, but the momentum is good, such as winning the last confrontation. Under the direction of coach Park Jung-eun, who is writing the first record for a female command tower, she won two consecutive wins over Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and advanced to the first championship game. It has been 12 seasons since the 2010-11 season, including the days of the predecessor Kumho Life Insurance and KDB Life Insurance. 메이저사이트

It’s not just about being young. Among the trio in their 20s, Ahn Hye-ji is ranked first in assists, Jin-an is in rebounding, and Lee So-hee is in 3-point shooting. However, it is the first time for all three of them to play in the championship game. His eldest sister, Kim Han-byeol, makes up for his lack of experience. 9 people from Woori Bank have played in the championship game, but Kim Han-byeol is the only one from BNK. In the 2020-21 season, his last season at Samsung Life, Kim Han-byeol experienced a championship win at the end of the 4th and 5th periods and was also selected as MVP.

The team that catches the first leg has a high probability of wearing the championship ring. A total of 30 championship matches were held before, and the team that won the first match won 21 times (70%).

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