A proposal from the first-ranked club… Leaving Barcelona in 1 year

Rafinha received an offer from Newcastle United.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ quoted a report from Spain’s journalist Gerard Romero, who was well versed in Barcelona’s insider news, saying, “Barcelona had Rafinha after winning the competition against Chelsea and Arsenal last summer. However, Newcastle made a verbal offer to Rafinha. “It seems likely that Rafinha will leave Barcelona after one season,” he said, adding that if Rafinha receives an offer, Rafinha could return to England after one season.

Although Barcelona have solved some of the financial problems that have been holding them back, the problems have not completely disappeared. In addition, as Barcelona is planning to recruit several players, including the return of Lionel Messi, in the upcoming summer transfer window, it is necessary to secure transfer fees through the organization of the squad. It’s no wonder that Rafinha, which is attracting interest from other clubs and can collect a lot of money through a sale, is a candidate for liquidation.바카라사이트

‘Daily Mail’ also pointed out that Barcelona are currently forced to sell several players, saying, “Barcelona is struggling with financial fair play (FFP) issues and may have to sell some players this summer.” all.

Newcastle is a good team for Barcelona to sell Rafinha. This is because it is one of the clubs that will put a lot of effort into strengthening their power in the summer transfer market. Newcastle, which was acquired by the Saudi National Wealth Fund (PIF) and reborn as the world’s richest club, is preparing to leap to the top club in the English Premier League (EPL). Newcastle, which has surpassed the ‘Big 6’ clubs with tremendous momentum this season and reached 3rd place in the league, is expected to aim for a trophy next season. For this reason, there are already talks of recruiting several players.

‘Daily Mail’ said, “Rafinha’s price is £60 million (approximately 100.1 billion), which is understood to be slightly higher than the £56 million (approximately 93.5 billion) Barcelona paid for Rafinha last summer.” He explained that he had to pay close to 100 billion won to recruit Rafinya.

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