45 points of one-two punch, ‘Molppang Basketball’…SK took the 1st round of the champ

I literally couldn’t stop it. Seoul SK won the first round of the championship match with the great performance of the one-two punch team Jamil Warney (29) and Kim Seon-hyung (35).

SK won 77-69 in the first leg of the 2022-23 professional basketball championship against Anyang KGC held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th. 72% (18 out of 25) of the teams that have won the first leg of the championship game in history have succeeded in winning the final.

SK, who had declared Kim Seon-hyeong and Warney-centered ‘molppang basketball’ since the media day of the championship game, ran the game as predicted and achieved results as expected. Regular league MVP (Most Valuable Player) Kim Seon-hyung scored 22 points and 12 assists, and one-two punch foreign player MVP Jamil Warney made a big success with 23 points and 10 rebounds.

Behind the one-two punch, veteran shooter Heo Il-young and Choi Boo-gyeong, who kept behind the one-two punch during the playoffs (PO), contributed 6 points and 7 rebounds, while Heo Il-young scored 10 points.

In KGC, Omari Spellman, a foreign player with 1 option, played an active role with 24 points and 11 rebounds. ‘Lion King’ Oh Se-geun struggled with 21 points and 16 rebounds, but could not prevent the team from losing.

The match on this day was literally a stage where both teams competed for one-two punches. The match between guard Kim Seon-hyung and Byun Jun-hyung, who shared the 1st and 2nd place in the MVP vote, drew attention, but the match between Warney and Spellman, the best foreign player in professional basketball, also raised expectations.

In the first quarter, Seonhyung Kim broke first. Kim Seon-hyung helped Oh Jae-hyeon’s 3-point shot with an assist at the beginning of the first quarter, and immediately succeeded in scoring 5 points in a row, becoming the main player in widening the early lead. When KGC chased and succeeded in reversing in the middle of the first quarter, with 4 minutes and 34 seconds left at the end of the quarter, the opponent’s turnover was used to score a turnaround with a floater. In the first quarter alone, with 9 points and 2 steals, he led the game 18-18 with KGC.

Warney, who was sluggish with a 2-point shooting success rate of 17% in the first quarter, also began to regain his fingertips from the second quarter. He exploded the plotter of his main weapon and started bombarding the plotter alongside Kim Seon-hyung. In an 18-20 situation, Warney broke through Spellman’s one-on-one defense with a spin and put a floater from the front.

Warney’s floater rose endlessly from this point and penetrated the rim endlessly. Even when Spellman tried to block him, Warney’s ball was correctly scored as if he were playing with the defense. He scored 9 points only in the 2nd quarter and completely washed away the sluggishness in the 1st quarter.

KGC did not stand still. Veteran center Oh Se-geun steadily added points under the goal, and Spellman’s powerful play did not cover the bottom and outside of the goal. In the bottom of the goal, he broke through the SK defense and put a dunk, and also led the pursuit with a deep three on the outskirts. Spellman scored 14 points, including two 3-pointers, in the second quarter alone, ending the first half with a tight score of 43-41. 카지노

The pendulum of the tight game began to tilt towards SK in the 3rd quarter. Warney led a tight flow by scoring alternately with Spellman at the beginning of the third quarter. Here, Heo Il-yeong broke the balance. As soon as Heo Il-young caught his signature parabolic three-point shot, he threw it and succeeded, widening the score to 50-45.

Choi Bu-gyeong, who helped with the one-two punch throughout the playoffs (PO) along with Heo Il-young, got the score right. Kim Seon-hyeong created an opportunity and passed the ball to Choi Bu-kyung, and Choi who took the position succeeded in scoring, making the game 56-50.

Despite SK’s onslaught, the score gap narrowed again in the 4th quarter, and the game, which flowed as a two-possession game, was decided again by Warney and Kim Sun-hyung’s plotter. In the middle of the 4th quarter, Warney succeeded in scoring consecutively with Kim Seon-hyung’s assist and opened the game by 8 points. Song Chang-yong’s 3-point shot from the corner solidified the trend. Again, Kim Seon-hyung’s fingertips drove a wedge. He succeeded in the floater from the front 1 minute and 1 second before the end of the game, and became the last protagonist of the match that day.

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