‘2023 season’s oldest captain’ Park Kyung-soo’s time is not over yet

Can the end of Park Kyung-soo’s life end beautifully?

After finishing 2022, Park Kyung-soo decided to extend his active service for another year. Park Kyung-soo was born in 1984 and will be 39 years old in 2023. He took the captaincy again this year and became the oldest captain in the KBO League (Samsung Lions undecided)

Since moving to KT in 2015, Park Kyung-soo has been the pride of KT. He hit 20 homers for two consecutive years in 2015-2016 and fully awakened as a big shot second baseman. He hit 117 homers in KT alone and won the title for the most homers ever by a second baseman with 160 homers in his career. In 2021, he reached the peak of his career by winning the first Korean Series victory in his life and winning the Korean Series MVP.

The result was gorgeous, but the inside was not beautiful. In 2021, when he became the oldest Korean Series MVP at the time, Park Kyung-soo’s performance was already going downhill. He posted a batting average of .192 and an OPS of .648, his worst performance since his move to KT. The 2022 season was even more serious. He had the worst career batting average of .120 and .427 OPS. His contribution to victory (WAR) against substitutes was -1.01, the second lowest in the league (Kim Heon-gon -1.58). 메이저사이트

Nevertheless, Park Kyung-soo still has work to do. His offense has aged, but his defense hasn’t rusted yet. Last season, Park Kyung-soo’s defense win contribution (WAA) against the average was 0.318, the highest among infielders except Shim Woo-jun (0.773). With Shim Woo-jun’s enlistment and Jang Jun-won’s long-term rehabilitation, KT’s infield has loosened up. Kim Sang-soo was brought in as a free agent, but without Park Kyung-soo, he could not overcome the 144-game long race.

Unique leadership is also required. KT celebrates its ninth season after entering the first team. Park Kyung-soo is already wearing the armband as the captain for the 5th time. With the so-called mutt affinity, KT created its own team color. As KT is aiming for the presidency this season, it absolutely needs a clubhouse leader to unite the squad.

Park Kyung-soo has been with KT’s entire history from entering the first team until now. KT’s first franchise stood at the end of his career as a player. I look forward to Park Kyung-soo’s last fireworks.

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